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Change Log

Bug fix update for NFZ removal on Mavic 2 PRO/ZOOM
Support for M2 Enterprise NLD Rooted Core Boards
Hotfix update to the bugfix in ;)
Inspire 2 Custom Flight Controller issue fixed
Bug fix release
Bug fix release
MAJOR bug fix release!
All reported bugs has been fixed.
NFZ Patch hotfix for Mavic 2 stock boards
Minor hotfix
Mavic 2 PRO/ZOOM NLD Core Board Release
NFZ removal for core board on latest FW
FCC Boost Mode for core board
ADB issues fixed
P4 identification issue fixed
Change Log
M300 Unlock Cert issue fixed

Unlock Cert auto activation implemented
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Saturday, December 24, 2022
The NLD Flysafe Unlock Cerificate server is now online and ready to generate your personal Flysafe unlock certificate.
You can make your unlock license exatly to fit you or your customers specific ne...
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