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NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit for DJI drones

2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual band 2.5W signal booster kit for DJI drones in particular but can be used with anything that uses WiFi for transmission
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  • 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual band 2.5W signal booster kit for DJI drones in particular but can be used with anything that uses WiFi for transmission

  • Significantly enhances the signal while automatically identifying the frequency of the host signal and can switch frequency band automatically

  • These are bi-directional signal boosters, while RC only and software boost is uni-directional

  • MAX RF Transmit Power = 2500 mW, Receive Gain = 13 dB

  • Boosts signal between 200% and 300%

  • Supports all dual frequency products of DJI and all other dual frequency drones

  • This kit includes a booster module for both Aircraft AND Remote Controller which makes this kit superior to anything else on the market!

  • Kit comes with IPEX 1 signal connector but we can offer IPEX 4 or MMCX if used with other drone brands than DJI

  • Included is a button for switching on and off the booster which can be installed as an option on the bottom of the RC

Advantages of power amplifier vs. high gain antenna 

High gain antenna boosters sacrifice omni-directional performance and concentrate all signals in one direction, which requires the UAV operator to ensure that the antenna is aligned with the UAV at all times.
If you don’t pay attention to where the aircraft is, you will lose the signal.

There is no such limitations with our Bi-Directional Booster kit and it works perfectly with the original antenna.
No bulky mods hanging everywhere and you do not have to mount a satelite dish on your remote controller.
Our Booster kit is perfect and keeps the estethics of the remote controller intact.


Model Number


MAX RF Output 

2.5 W

Frequency Band


Max RF Input


Cooling mode

Passive cooling

Min RF Input power


PCB Size

35*32*3.5 mm

Power Supply Voltage

5 V

Otput connector


Power Supply current

1.2 A

Input connector 


MAXPower dissipation

≈ 6 W

2.4GHz TX Gain

13 dB

 5.8GHz TX Gain

13 dB

2.4GHz RX Gain

13 dB

 5.8GHz RX Gain

13 dB

LED Indicators: RED LED = 2.4G mode, BLUE LED = 5.8G mode


User videos from China

12.5 KM Range Test Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro

Installation Example on a DJI Air 2S

Installation Example on a Phantom 4 Pro V2 Remote Controller

Installation Example on a Mavic Air2 & Air2s Controller

Installation Example on a Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro Aircraft

Installation Example on a Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro Remote Controller

Credits and a big THANK YOU goes out to our friend in China for making these videos! </p

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