Image shows altitude restriction removed. Submitted by NLD user TommyBoy

NLD - The free world of your DJI product! with DJI GO 4.1.22 has been released!

Now with full Crystal Sky support!

Remove NFZ
Remove NFZ on current firmwares for P4x, MAVIC PRO and SPARK. Compatible with latest stock DJI GO 4!
For best results, we always recommend using our Patched NLD GO 4.1.22 for Android
Remove Altitude Limit
Enables the bird/aircraft to climb higher than the 500 meter altitude limit imposed by DJI
Force FCC Mode
Force the use of FCC mode for longer range in EC limited countries/regions.

FCC mode will triple the signal strength and allow for longer range and higher video bandwidth
Remove NFZ restrictions
Remove all No Fly Zones completely, allowing to arm the motors within a RED NFZ

Use of this feature is the reponsibility of the user!
Speed+ Boost
Boost the speed in both normal GPS and Sport mode.

Allows for much higher speed, agressive acceleration and powerful ascend/descend rates
Pre-set and user configuarble mode
Custom NLD GO App
Custom and modified version of the DJI GO App for Android.

Using the NLD GO App over the DJI GO Stock App will enable you to completely break free from DJI control
Modify Flight Controller
Modify and fine tune ALL the parameters available in the Flight Controller.
This basically enables you to modify ANY setting
Mavic flight modes on Spark
Enable Mavic flight modes on Spark, just as it should have always been, but unfortunately were not!
Spark WiFi channel selection
Enable Spark WiFi channel selection for improved flexibility
Offline Mode
Prevent any of your personal data from going to DJIs servers.

This inlcudes all your flight data and other personal inform
Activate Mavic PRO
Activate your brand new Mavic PRO without ever registering it with DJI for maximum privacy
Unlock Grounded Bird
Unlock your bird if it has been grounded by DJI for using an older firmware.

Can also be used to prevent unauthotized use
Firmware Flashing
Flash to ANY firmware utilizing the firmware anti-rollback function allowing the use of your desired firmware.

Extensive firmware library making firmware flashing an easy task
Automatic UPDATES
The NLD MOD Client will always make sure to keep itself updated to ensure that you have the latest mods and fixes available
LIVE Chat and E-mail Support
Our skilled support staff which is ready to help you out in case of problems!

Give us a shout and we will have you flying in not time

Why hesitate, use NLD mate!

The NLD Mod Client is a framework that help you mod your drone without having to worry about much else than hitting some buttons.

For the ordinary drone user, this should not have to be a complicated task.
We assume that most people with drones prefer flying them rather than bricking them

It doesn't really matter if you are "not tech savy" or "too busy to fiddle with it", you will still get all the benefits from the amazing people at the scenes hard work, served on a silver platter

The client is a downloadable app that will update itself as new mods becomes available!

It could not be easier!

NLD is compatible with DJI Mavic, Spark, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Adv, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2. The M600 will be added soon

Read the Guide for more in-depth instructions!

Greetz: MavProxyUser aka Hostile, thank you man for enlightening us, your hard work and dedication...and also feeding us with some delicious red herrings as well of course ;)

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