New videos posted!

We have received some fantastic videos from Cruzroy on how to use NLD, including a video showing some of the mods in action.

NLD Mod Client version has been released!

This is a bugfix update adressing primarily the com-port issue and various other smaller annoying bugs. Also adding some performance improvement.

Site down and now back up again!

NLD were down today for a couple of hours but is now back online and in full operation.

Thank you all for your help!

We are working on the next update which willl be a little "boring".
Nothing new and fancy but only bug fixing and other improvements.

New release: NLD Mod Client ver.

New release: NLD Mod Client ver., What is new? Several bugs fixed

Mavic AIR support?

We finally received our Mavic AIR today!
It turns out that a lot have changed and yet so much are still the same :)

NLD MOD Client v. released!

Yes you read it right! NLD is now back in business. The Firmware downgrade works again and the drone firmware recognition has been recreated!

New release comming up and some snazzy news!

New release on it's way and snazzy news about LIVE streaming from the bird to NLD!

UPDATE regarding the new release

We are still working on finishinng the new update.
It (again) took a lillte longer than expected, but this time it was by choice.

FIX for "stuck on getting firmware info"

We have found the low level way of retrieving the firmware info which actually gives us a lot more details about the firmware than just an overall version number.
As an added bonus, this actually solves the "problem" we had regarding the introduction of mixed firmwares!