New NLD GO 4.1.22 instructions for GOOGLE maps:
New NLD GO 4.1.22 instructions for GOOGLE maps:
New NLD GO 4.1.22 instructions for AGL height over changing terrain:
To enable displaying of AGL height over changing terrain, for this function to work correctly for NLD GO 4.1.22 - you will need to do a couple of things:
New options available in the latest NLD GO 4.1.22 for Android -
Mavic Pro V01.04.0400 Info
Take a read for the full details, but TLDR, DONT upgrade to V01.04.0400
NLD Released!

COM errors fixed, Firmware compatibility mode and more!

NLD released....including fix for all our Spark users
It's OUT! We would like to thank all our Spark users for their patience in waiting for us to fix our mistake in the Spark NFZ removal mod. We really borked that one, but its out, so GET TO IT!!
NLD released including fresh release of NLD GO V4.1.22

Fresh release of NLD GO V4.1.22 is HERE! 
We advise all NLD users to download and patch this release, especially if you use our new NFZ removal mod for your bird.

DJI gave you GPS and GLONASS, now NLD gives you EUs Galileo too!

Say hello to EUs Galileo GNSS system as it is now being introduced on all drones from DJI.
Yes, EU Galileo is a high definition ground tracking system, put in orbit by the European Union.

NLD GO 4.1.22 Beta Test Completed!

With the release of our new version with our NFZ removal option, we have more good news to report. Within hours (hopefully) we will be releasing NLD GO 4.1.22!! 

NFZ Patch for the latest firmware on supported drones has been a long road and lots of work...but your long wait has paid off!