NLD Mod Client version has been released!

This is a update addressing primarily Mavic AIR support and various other smaller annoying bugs.

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties!

Just a quick note to apologise for the slowness of our servers

NFZ on NEW Firmware!

Just here shortly before we are up with the Mavic AIR release, we would like to do some shit stirring :)
We know that DJI are following us closely and maybe this is also a message to @djiglobal?

Anyway, we have some big news to announce this evening!

Support for Mavic AIR they asked? Check this out!

Some happy news for Mavic AIR owners!

The COM Port Errors are DEAD! Long Live the COM Ports!
Today brings a little unscheduled release from the NLD team and one that you will all be pleased about! We have FINALLY fixed the COM port errors which have stopped so many of you guys from enjoying the NLD mod client to its fullest and indeed has been the #1 ticket raised to our support team.
Recent Email + Support Issues & News
Hi all. It was brought to our attention during the day on 23/04 that our ticketing system and indeed the NLD shop wasn’t sending out emails as intended. This meant that new users registering for support couldn’t confirm their email address and so the tickets didn’t get logged into our system.
Update on New Version
Just wanted to leave a short note regarding the status of the re-write to the NLD client teased a few days ago. Progress is going well and we are still furiously writing code to bring you the next iteration of the NLD client.
Sorry For The Downtime!
Just a quick note to apologise for the extended period of downtime today, this was caused by an issue at our hosting provider and so was unfortunately outside of our control.
NLD Development Plans & COM Port Issues
If you take a look back through the NLD blog, occasionally we drop some hints on our next project or addition for the app. These usually are driven by what the goals that the community as a whole is driving towards. The thing about any drive is that along the way your route can change…
New videos posted!

We have received some fantastic videos from Cruzroy on how to use NLD, including a video showing some of the mods in action.