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NLD Booster Kit also for WiFi Routers/AP

NLD Booster Kit also for WiFi Routers/AP

We tested the NLD Booster Kit in a WiFi Router, the results were positive!
The NLD Booster kit is primarily for drones but afterall it is a WiFi booster so we decided to make a test installing it into a standard no name cheap WiFi router from China.

The results were posiitive, quite surprisingly it now covers the whole office building we are located in from our office to all corners of the building.
There is plentiy of WiFi repeaters to ensure proper WiFi coverage of the office WiFi throughout the building but our cheap china test WiFi router is totally up for the match.
In some corners of the building, the office WiFi does not provide proper coverage but our boosted test router does.

All in all a suprisingly good performance and what started as a test is now a keeper!
In our building therer are plenty of obstacles made up of concrete walls which just underlines how well the signal penetrates obstacles.

When used in a WiFi router, it is only the router side that is boosted, the WiFi client, might it be a phone or laptop is not and still it produce an awesome performance.

Installing the booster kit in two WiFi nodes like a router and an access poiint, the signal would be able to travel several kilometers/miles between the two nodes in an open air scenario.
Exactly as it is the case with a drone and the remote controller.

This is truly a newly discovered potential and it is super cool to be able to make outdoor wifi networks that can span several kilometers/miles.

If you want to try out boosting your WiFi, you need to choose a drone model and remote where you will get the correct modules.
This could be Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced as this set contains two step down modules and IPEX1 connectors which are the most comonly used connector in WiFi routers and access points.

Please mention in the order notes for good measure that you want to use the kit for a WiFi router/access point.

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4/27/2024 5:27 PM
This is excellent news.  Being able to "hack" your own router and get better coverage is usually nerfed in FW these days (Region specific).

Back in the Linksys WRT54G-days swapping antennas and overclocking was the thing to make it happen...