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UTC Time bug with the Unlock Certificate fixed
There has been an issue where the generated unlock certificate would be offset in relation to the users actual timezone.
This was especially a problem with the free unlock certificate.
The issue has been resolved and your certificate will have the exact start and end date as you specify in the Unlock Certificate editor.

Installer fixed for smoother update
It is no logner required to uninstall the previous version as the installer handles this automatically now.
The next time there is a new release, the NLD app will tell you that a new release is out and download the new installer and launch it automatically.
No more manual download.

Change Log
Backend compatibility for the next relase
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Have a Mavic AIR? Time to undust it!
Thursday, May 25, 2023
Have a Mavic AIR? Time to undust it!
If you have a Mavic AIR dusting around then it is time to undust it, free it from spiders..and DJIs shackles! It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that NLD fully support unlocking your ...
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NLD Affiliate Program

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