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Thursday, July 29, 2021 4:33:02 PM

Firmware Malfunction - unable to restore

6 days ago
#6753 Quote
I recently downloaded NLD on my P4Pv2 with the firmware updated to 01.00.5200. After removing the altitude and zones, we tested it in nearby fly zones. The bird would not take off in red fly zones, we took it to orange fly zones and it took off after accepting the fly terms.

I tried re-flashing the firmware and removing the settings again. The same thing happened, only this time, the gimbal was not booting up correctly. It kept moving up and down.

I went back again to re-flash the firmware and bring it to factory settings. The firmware would not re-flash. It gets stuck while Flashing Gimball_5223_1 to

Does anyone know how to fix or flash?
3 days ago
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Did you manage to get it to reflash?
22 hours ago
#6804 Quote
No. I went into the controller settings / about section of Go4. It shows the Aircraft firmware version is 00.00.0000.