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Thursday, July 29, 2021 5:11:11 PM

Blank Maps with Spark and NLD DJI Go 4.1.14

29 days ago
#6669 Quote

I'm flying a Spark with NLD firmware 01.00.1000 and the NLD DJI GO 4 v4114 app.
However, Google Maps is not displayed in the app, the map is completely blank.
With the app v4122, Google Maps is displayed, but no satellites are found and the battery status cannot be read.

How can I use Maps or Here with version 4114?
26 days ago
#6676 Quote
These are app NLD DJI GO4.1.14 bags.
I fly with the normal dji go and all that disappears, if you have the NFZ patch no matter the warnings in the application, you can fly safely.
26 days ago
#6677 Quote
I have the NFZ patch.
So I could use the official DJI GO app and still fly without restrictions and with FCC?