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Monday, May 10, 2021 3:49:57 AM

Best FW for mods in Mavic Pro?

10 months ago
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Hi guys - new to the community and a supporter :)

I'm looking at this table:

.. does this mean that I am unable to adjust altitude after fw 01.03.0800? Or does it mean that the parameter is not included, but the FW is modded to allow higher than 500m?

Also, is FW 01.03.0700 the best since it is the latest to have:
NFZ Removal - Params
Altitude Removal - Yes
Speed Boost - Yes
Downgrade - Downgradeable
Downgrade  Boost - Yes

Thanks and love the client!
10 months ago
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OK, I can see now that when you remove altitude restriction in the NLD app, then you'll get beyond 500m - even when the app still says 500m

Still, I'm wondering which FW anyone else went with? Can anyone share their thoughts?