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Monday, May 10, 2021 4:37:54 AM

Does the Macbook Pro 2019 still have keyboard issues?

one year ago
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I am planning to buy a laptop tonight or tomorrow, and I am stuck on deciding whether to buy a Macbook Pro 2019 13 inch for 1350 euros, or a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 for 1300 euros.

My preference goes to the Macbook, but I am worried about the keyboard. It is supposed to be made of new material, and have better reliability. I couldn't find much online about the new keyboard, and therefore want to ask Reddit if this keyboard is as unreliable as the previous versions. I am planning to use the computer for a while, so I don't want something that is unusable after the keyboard warranty is over.
8 months ago
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Yes. Get the 2020 mbp. Also you should buy a drone, and use nolimitdronez firmware patches. I used on my DJI spark and love it. I would really really appreciate one for my DJI MAVIC MINI. Please.