13 days ago
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Some months ago I bought a Mavic Pro (which I no longer possess, it lost itself) and downgraded it to 01.03.0800 so that I could break the altitude restriction – really desirable in the mountainous regions where I like to fly.

Got out there, trying to find the drone, it wouldn't start! Further reading showed that Mavic Pro drones newer than September 2017 have to be monkeyed with to insert an internal SD card or they can't work with the older firmware. We're talking fairly major surgery here, according to what I read online.

This ought to be LOUDLY noted on the bird map, so that people will not lightly go buying machines and thinking they can lightly downgrade them!

BTW, oh how I wish you guys could crack the altitude feature on a recent version of that firmware!  In my opinion this would be a really good priority item. Of greater value than no-fly zones.