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Who are we?
NoLimitDronez / NLD is operated by No Limit Technology.
The registered country of business is Marshall Islands (or the Republic of Marshall Islands).
Our registered office address is:

Trust Company Complex
Ajeltake Road
Ajeltake Island, Majuro
Marshall Islands MH 96960.

What is NLD - or NLD MOD Client?

If you have reached this website, we have to assume you are interested in DJI aircraft, and any tweaks and modifications you could possibly make for your equipment.
This website is dedicated to just that topic.

We are a dedicated team of programmers and and supports people whos main goal is to bring the fantastic work by the people in the scene into the hands of the masses in a non-technical way.
Most of the modification procedures in NLD are intellectual property of the authors who provided the original code or procedures.
Many of the original authors maintains a special NLD build/version of their software/tools so that we ensure the authenticity of the NLD project and our mission.

The NLD MOD Client is a user friendly application for Windows that allows you to modify your drone in just a few clicks and made so that everyone can use it.

What is the "scene" and why did it all start?
The DJI jailbreaking scene was more or less started and orgranized by Kevin Finistere aka [Hostile / MavProxyUser] and after some great weeks with good results it quickly picked up speed and a lot of talented people soon joined the original "party band".

Common for most of us was that we were not happy with the fact that DJI post sale still had our drones in their China controlled Iron Fist.
We decided to "set ourselves free" and over time NLD formed to help everyone doing exactly that.


  • DJI implemented “GEO” in the name of safety which restrict flying by operators who have legal permission to fly in areas that are marked by DJI as “No Fly Zones”.
  • Unlock processes are cumbersome and time consuming. In many countries, requests to unlock need to be made weeks in advance by email. Some requests are not being answered by DJI.
  • DJI have rejected requests by commercial pilots for an alternative solution.
  • This cumbersome process is impacting commercial operators.
  • Owners are unhappy with the changes made by DJI. Some have worked to bypass these restrictions through reverse engineering and modification of DJI software.

Data Leakage

  • Based on analysis so far, it has been determined that more information than has been previously disclosed is being transmitted externally.
  • DJI have agreed to create an offline mode. However, DJI have not disclosed what data is sent when not in offline mode.


  • It has been found that the DJI GO application for both Android and IOS have back-doors allowing DJI to “hot patch” applications in a manner that breaches the rules imposed on DJI by both Google and Apple.
  • The practice of hot patching essentially allows DJI to totally change the functionality of the DJI go application without the knowledge or consent of a pilot.
  • Putting this into a different context, hot patching is the equivalent of the avionics software of an aircraft being totally replaced mid flight.
  • From a change management and risk mitigation perspective, providing no downgrade options at all is a safety hazard.


  • DJI has recently rushing out multiple updates and patches to prevent reverse engineering.
  • These botched changes have caused unstable flight for many pilots.


  • Control: We believe that DJI does not have jurisdiction to decide where and how pilots fly their aircraft. Local regulators have authority through their laws. DJI systems should not impose mandatory lockouts of aircraft, unless doing so is mandated by the laws of a country where DJI products are being used.
  • Data leakage: We believe that aircraft control systems need to be dedicated to the process of flying an aircraft, with external connectivity being minimised to allow the application to be free of potential security, privacy, and stability problems. Any remaining network traffic should be publicly documented.
  • Back Doors: We believe that aircraft control systems should be free of any back-doors that allow modification of the functionality of those systems without the knowledge or consent of the pilot, including forced updates.

We came up with the title “The Original Gangsters” to represent the early contributors to the DJI Jailbreaking scene.
The people that have contributed here have a common philosophy of collaboration through open source code to support our interests which in this case are DJI Aircraft.

Long Live the Original Gangsters!

Text written by @czokie