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Update on New Version

Update on New Version

Just wanted to leave a short note regarding the status of the re-write to the NLD client teased a few days ago. Progress is going well and we are still furiously writing code to bring you the next iteration of the NLD client.

We don’t want to make any firm promises, but a release should happen reasonably soon, however please understand the level of work that’s gone into this could mean unforeseen delays as testing may throw up unexpected issues.

That said, when you do finally get your hands on the client, trust us, it will have been worth the wait. As mentioned before, we are communicating through DUML directly with the drone which has meant we can drop any requirements/links to DJI Assistant 2. During this process, we have made…a few discoveries. What this means in essence is that we will soon be able to do the thing that Everyone has been dreaming of. Let’s leave it at that for now 😉 Why not try and guess in the comments what’s coming!

Until next time


P.S. Sorry for the downtime yesterday which started around 7PM GMT, again it was an ISP issue and we jumped on them as soon as we knew what was happening. This affected the NLD client, NLD website and our support systems, just like last time. Sigh!