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Sorry For The Downtime!

Sorry For The Downtime!

Just a quick note to apologise for the extended period of downtime today, this was caused by an issue at our hosting provider and so was unfortunately outside of our control.

The outage lasted for around 10 hours today and would have affected all NLD services including the website, support pages/systems and of course the NLD client.

The NLD client is on online app, online connections are used to initially check for updates, then to verify your license status and then to check for any changes to the modifications. It was built this way from the ground up by design to ensure that if something small changes like for example, the way we achieve NFZ bypassing, we wouldn’t need to issue a client update, just update the server-side methods and continue as normal.

Because of this unfortunately the ISP’s issue did mean the client went down and there was little/nothing we could do. Again, apologies for the downtime, but we’re 100% back online now and working hard on the next release.