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Recent Email + Support Issues & News

Recent Email + Support Issues & News

Hi all. It was brought to our attention during the day on 23/04 that our ticketing system and indeed the NLD shop wasn’t sending out emails as intended.

This meant that new users registering for support couldn’t confirm their email address and so the tickets didn’t get logged into our system. This also affected people who had bought new license keys for the NLD mod client as the system wasn’t sending out the license key either.

This looks to have been an issue for 3-4 days & was resolved last night. This meant a huge excess of tickets suddenly got logged in our support system.

Due to the delay, some of the issues would have already been sorted, it was decided that the most efficient way of dealing with this was to simply bulk reply to all of the tickets stating we had recent issues with the email system and to please come back to us if your issue is still ongoing. Anyone that replied will have their tickets dealt with today if they weren’t handled last night.

We're very sorry for the delays in getting to these but as with other recent NLD issues, our host is sometimes unreliable, perhaps it’s time for a change...

In other news, keep your eyes peeled and your NLD client up-dated ....Soon™....