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The COM Port Errors are DEAD! Long Live the COM Ports!

The COM Port Errors are DEAD! Long Live the COM Ports!

Hi all.

As an update on the pure DUML version of NLD. We are still hard at work implementing this and have (mostly) working versions internally, however due to other "extra features" creeping in (scope creep is amazing and horrible!) this is slightly delayed, we don’t have a timeframe yet, but trust us, it will be worth the wait.

Today brings a little unscheduled release from the NLD team and one that you will all be pleased about! We have FINALLY fixed the COM port errors which have stopped so many of you guys from enjoying the NLD mod client to its fullest and indeed has been the #1 ticket raised to our support team.

Its rather infuriating as some of our fixes work for some people and not others and we really feel for you guys when you can’t enjoy the software like we'd want you to. But we have now fixed it and the new version is available to download right now! So make sure the next time you open NLD, you accept the new update and let us know how you get on.

As for the technicalities of what was "wrong", well, you can thank Microsoft for that!

It turns out that when windows addresses COM ports, internally they’re just called COM1, COM2, COM3 and so on. The issue is that if for some reason your drone gets assigned a port higher than 9 it does it differently, windows decides to call it \\.\COM15 instead of COM15 and this totally threw off NLD as it wasn’t expecting the extra characters. We have now handled this in the code with a small extra routine which checks the reported number and then applies the correct logic to it so it will always work!

As usual, we have some more tweaks and changes that we would like to apply to this version of NLD before we release the pure DUML version, but we will see how progress goes on those, or they may just come in the DUML release.

Anyway, for now, grab the new version, give it a test and rejoice in the death of COM port issues!

Until next time


Note: If you totally missed the joke/reference in the title, take a read here!