Support for Mavic AIR they asked? Check this out!

Screenshot from the next release of NLD Mod Client which will introduce the Mavic AIR into the range of DJI products supported by NLD!

As soon as we have fixed a few minor issues, we will release the new version finally enabling Mavic AIR owners to join the party.

In the first Mavic AIR compatible release, we have disabled firmware flashing only for Mavic AIR due to strategic reasons but will enable MA flashing as soon as it makes sense.
During the week we will hopefully be able to include a patcher for the latest DJI GO App that will be supporting Mavic AIR.

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5/14/2018 8:29 PM
I've been waiting!
5/15/2018 8:54 AM
5/15/2018 8:58 AM
I've waited so long! Heck yes
5/15/2018 12:11 PM
Awesome news !! I can not wait !!!
5/16/2018 12:31 PM
Looks great, however I'm interested in disabling NFZ. This is greyed out? And what about less wind warnings?
5/16/2018 12:41 PM
So excitet :-D
5/17/2018 6:38 AM
5/17/2018 7:11 AM
5/17/2018 12:36 PM
Can't wait!
5/17/2018 4:13 PM