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NFZ on NEW Firmware!

NFZ on NEW Firmware!

Just here shortly before we are up with the Mavic AIR release, we would like to do some shit stirring :)
We know that DJI are following us closely and maybe this is also a message to @djiglobal?

Anyway, we have some big news to announce this evening!

My good friend Jezzab has joined NLD and he has a little present for all NLD users up his sleeve.

NFZ is the name of the game!

When we release the NFZ update in a couple of days, you will be able to completely DISABLE/REMOVE NFZ on the new firmware on most of DJI's current birds! Yes, no more dodgy NFZ bypass that sometimes work and sometimes doesn't or needing to be on older firmwares just for NFZ, this solution is 100%.

It works with any version GO app, running on any platform Android or iOS, it doesn't matter NFZ is just GONE!!!

Apply our NFZ patch through NLD and from that point, NFZ is just a ghost from the past.

It works with the most current firmware on the folowing birds

  • Entire Phantom 4 Series (Pro, Standard, Advanced etc)
  • Spark
  • Mavic pro

At this point, the only way to get TRUE NFZ REMOVAL is through NLD.

Jezzab will of course release his findings to the public but not before we have the next NFZ hack ready.