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PRESS RELEASE: NLD Article in The Sun 03-06-2019

PRESS RELEASE: NLD Article in The Sun 03-06-2019

The Sun wrote an article about drone software that allows for removing NFZ, and the angle was drone flying over airports.
They reached out to us for a comment and one of our team members replied.

However, there are a few inaccuracies in the article that we would like to address.

It is mentioned in the article that NLD allows for removing NFZ and flight above airports.
That is not correct, we do not allow drone flying above airports, period!

We DO allow for removing NFZ anywhere else, except governmental buildings and military installations.

We at NLD and the "Original Gangsters" all agree that only idiots would fly above an airport.
In fact we also believe that if DJI did their due dilligence and defined the No Fly Zones at places where it is actually a problem flying, no one would ever care or need to remove it in the first place.

DJI defines No Fly Zones based on data from the international airports database which is very inaccurate.
Many of the airports listed are now closed dirt airstrips but still DJI imposes a No Fly Zone around them.

For DJI users living in the US this is a huge problem, because smaller airports open up and close down all the time.
When DJI is using outdated data and is not considering if the airport is open or closed, it makes a lot of false No Fly Zones where there are no local restrictions in flying a drone.
Because many of these false No Fly Zones overlap each other, many users find themselves having to drive hundreds of miles to get out of the NFZ overlap. 

All they want to do is to fly and enjoy their drone.

For these users there are no apparent reasons for them not to be able to fly in their area other than DJI has decided that they can not.

If DJI only defined No Flight Zones that made sense and were only enforced where local regulation states that it is a No Fly Zone, no one would even bother trying to remove them.

We do not believe that any of our users are removing NFZ to perform illegal activities such as endangering public safety.

The full article from The Sun can be found here: