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1.9 - The Holy Grail of Releases

1.9 - The Holy Grail of Releases

Hi all, yes, thats a pretty bold title, but trust us when we say this is what you have all been waiting for. We are about ready to drop a bombshell ;)

As hundreds of people in the support system have been reminding us, yesterday was the last day of March and we still haven't dropped the M2 release. That's all about to change.

There is going to be a HUGE update to NLD within the next 48 hrs, hopefully sooner.

Anti rollback on any firmware is totally defeated. We have found a brand new method that allows a straight flash from any firmware, to any other firmware without the step to intermediate ones. This, combined with the new flashing system should ensure a 100% complete flash on any bird to any compatible firmware. Not even DJI does this!

Oh, speaking of flashing and downgrading, this one is huge. For the first time ever, firmware flashing with NLD will be 100% FREE!! This is a great win for the community and of course allows new NLD customers to test out one aspect of our software before the commit to purchasing the full version, we hope you enjoy this change.

Lastly, full details of exactly what is included in adding the Mavic 2 to our platform will come with the release notes, but trust us, this will have been worth the wait!

Let us tie up a couple of loose ends, get some final testing in and look for the new update coming to your NLD very soon.

PS, no, this is NOT an April fools joke!

/all at NoLimitDronez.