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NLD MOD Client


Completely rewritten from ground and up

Dynamic User Interface
User inteface dynamically adapts to the connected device. No more showing greyed out options, if a feature is not supported, it's not shown.

Multi Language
Preparation of the app for a true multilingual experience, including Chinese and Arabic right to left reading.

Patching Framework
New framework for rapid future releases of new features and patches.

Server Side Application 
The Server side application has been rewritten to accommodate the higher user load and support a very special feature that will be released very soon.

Ou Content Delivery Network has been heavily upgraded to deliver firmware files with as high bandwidth as possible for our Asian users.

Great Firewall of China
Great Firewall of China bypass enabling access for our Chinese users.

Affiliate Tagged NLD EXE File
Custom built NLD App exe for all our affiliates with their affiliate tag compiled into the exe so the exe only can be distributed while affiliate are still being tracked.

Firmware Selector
Improved firmware selector with the bird map built in for easy overview of what is supported on a given firmware.

Error Handling
Improved error handling that enables the user to resolve minor issues.

Removal Of Altitude Limit and No Fly Zone On Latest Firmwares
Altitude limit and No Fly Zone removal for all firmwares for following drones:
Phantom 4 series, Phantom 4 v2, Mavic Pro, Spark and Inspire 2

FCC Mode With Boost For All Supported Drones On All Firmwares
FCC mode with the option to enable 1.6W boost for triple range for ALL drones supported by NLD on all firmwares.
Including Mavic 2 series.

FC Parameter Editor
Flight Controller Parameter Editor has been improved and even more parameters are now available for modification.

APK Patcher
NLD GO4 APK patcher has been improved, no need to download the original APK anymore.

Lots of general improvements and minor features that has now long forgotten but nevertheless they are still there.

Change Log
General bug fixing
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Spark Customer Special Bulletin
Saturday, February 26, 2022
Spark Customer Special Bulletin
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NLD Affiliate Program
NLD Affiliate Program

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