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NLD MOD Client and NLD GO 4.1.14 released!


As X-mas approaches we have been hurrying up to make a little goodiebag ready for you to enjoy in the holidays!
So what is it then?

NLD GO 4.1.14!

This version of NLD GO 4.1.14 also works on Crystal Sky devices!

Along with including the new NLD GO 4.1.14 App we have also exterminated a couple of bugs.

A must have update!

Change Log
Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom 01.00.0770:
FCC Mode fixed
Firmware Flashing issue fixed
AV reading parameters fixed
Speed Mods Fixed

General UI Bugs fixed
NextGen DUML implementation
Firmware upload improved
No UI update after firmware flash fixed
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NLD Affiliate Program

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