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NLD GO 4.1.22 Beta Test Completed!

NLD GO 4.1.22 Beta Test Completed!

The good news just keeps on coming at NLD....

With the release of our new version with our NFZ removal option, we have more good news to report.
Within hours (hopefully) we will be releasing NLD GO 4.1.22!!

Why is this so good?

This version will be COMPLETELY NFZ FREE!
You see, there are two NFZ databases, one in GO the other in the bird.

Upgrade to NLD GO 4.1.22 and using our NFZ patch means your bird will be truly NFZ free.
This is truly the best combination to use, and of course even if you don't use the NFZ patch on your bird, you can still use this version and enjoy a more recent GO with all it has to offer.

The beta is done with testing, so it should be uploaded soon!