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Winter Is Coming...

Winter Is Coming...

Winter Is they say, but in NLD world that is not a bad thing at all.
No more distractions, no more chasing chicks on the beach or late BBQs in the garden, the working season just started!

All jokes aside, we have been working quite hard behind the scenes for the last couple of months to be able to in a "very soon" not so distant future, bring you the NextGen of NLD.

Obviously there is a lot of efforts going on in the scene in terms of rooting the Mavic 2 and there "is" some progress.
We cannot give you any specific date for a release at all yet as it’s still too early, but we can tell as a fact that we have sent more than $10,000 back to the community in terms of equipping the "right" people with Mavic 2's.

It is also not a secret that we are moving up against big money here and if you would like to see the Mavic 2 modded then you can help by donating whatever amount that you can spare into the "Mavic 2 Unlock Reward" pool. 
Another thing that is not a secret is that Mavic 2's are protected by a TrustZone which is NOT developed by DJI but is a 3rd party product that DJI bought.

While DJI have been acting ridiculously and handled everything the worst possible way, it is all totally different with TrustZone.
They do actually pay people for finding bugs and exploits in their hardware and software, which is in contrast to DJI's idiotic way of attempting the same goal.

There ARE also people who know more than they say, that is just a fact and those people might be tempted to receive a bug bounty reward from the company behind TrustZone, rather than releasing it for free to the public.
Why not receive a load of cash instead of throwing pearls for pigs one might argue...?
The reality is unfortunately that many people just leech information and almost never donate to the authors who made these exploits possible and available to people.
So again, why not just give the technical details for bypassing TrustZone to the company behind it, who would pay a load of $$$ for it so that they can kill the bug and avoid public exploitation?

THAT fact is actually what makes it *most* difficult to hack the Mavic 2 and this is where YOU come in!

We will put up a "Unlock Mavic 2 Reward" pool and kickstart it by putting in $5.000 from the get go!
After that, everyone should chip in with whatever amount they feel that they can spare, but that is exactly where you as a user can actually do something.
We will keep the reward page live and updated with the current amount and show the first name of people who donate if they do not wish to stay anonymous of course.

Finally we are in the process of moving our servers from Panama to our brand new inhouse hosting solution, yay!
That will have an immediate effect in terms of a blazingly fast internet connection and not some overloaded crap shared among a lot of other people.

After that we will release custom FC and hopefully...who knows...Mavic 2 after that.

@Coldflake and The NLD Team

UPDATE: The Donation Page is being finalized and will be available later today.

UPDATE 2: Our Server migration is taken longer than expected, so the Donation Page will up as soon as we are done.