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NLD MOD Client now with CDN

NLD MOD Client now with CDN

NLD MOD Client now has its own CDN! If you want to learn more, then take a look at this What is a Content Delivery Network. We have had reports from users that in some cases they were experiencing connection issues when doing various tasks within NLD such as firmware downloading, so we decided to release as a bugfix release.

The reason why we went with a CDN is because we serve a global audience and need a way to deliver our content fast and reliably to this audience. So although unplanned, mark this up as yet another quality improvement!

@DroneDave and The NLD Team

UPDATE: If your AV reports that NLDapp.exe is a virus/malware this is unfortunately not a new thing, but is 100% a false positive. We're here to help you free your drone, not to hack your PC!

For more information have a look here:,, and

If you are still experiencing problems, please send us an email at