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NLD v. with NLD Core Board Support Released

NLD v. with NLD Core Board Support Released

Today we have some great news to everyone!

We have just released version of the NLD MOD Client that supports our very popular NLD Rooted Core Boards for the Mavic 2 PRO and ZOOM!
Not only is this great news for those who was lucky to get a core board from our first batch but there is also great news for everyone else.

We fixed a lot of minor bugs that has been reported to us, including an extract of issue patterns from our support tickets.

This is the strongest version of NLD Mod Client ever and if any issues occurs, please don't hesitate to let us know by submitting a support ticket.

In fact we are so happy about this release that we are giving away 10 keys on Twitter and another 10 keys on Slack :)

Thanks for your patience everyone and we look forward to introduce you all to some new mods going forward.

We have a couple of awesome mods in the pipeline which are brand new and never seen before for the Mavic 2 series!