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NLD price increase

NLD price increase

Unfortunately, due to rising costs, we have had to raise our price to $34.99!

While we believe this is still a great bargain for LIFETIME UPGRADES, this price adjustment had to be done.

We held off as long as we could and thank you for your understanding, and THANK YOU for being an NLD Customer!

We have been hard at work making necessary changes to our website, and we have some great things in the pipeline for all of you that we will be releasing as soon as we can.

Finally we are also hard at work taking a look at the Mavic 2 Pro, along with the P4V2. 

We will make any announcements about support for these birds either here, or in our newsletter. 
(sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the NLD home page) 

We are always improving NLD and strive to give you all the latest features as they become available, and as always totally free to our loyal customers.

Thank you for spreading the word about NLD and how we can help you FREE your birds!

@Coldflake and the rest of the NLD Team

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9/14/2018 3:23 AM
lets get some custom firmware's ;)
9/14/2018 5:53 AM
After getting my android tablet, to use NLD Go, i would heartily recomend your program in spite of price increase. Still a paultry sum for flight freedom.
9/14/2018 10:51 AM
i believe that is still a reasonable price for what we are getting, looking forward to unleashing the Mavic 2 :)
9/14/2018 5:33 PM
Totally worth it! Keep up the good work!
9/16/2018 2:30 AM
Keep up the great work...$35.00 for lifetime
of drone is a drop in the hat. you guys are
my lifeline on all my drones.....can't wait for
mavic zoon!!!!!!

9/16/2018 4:32 AM
Great service by NLD! Thanks a lot.
Please find a way to free Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro :)
9/16/2018 7:12 PM
Still worth it.
When's the new version coming that remove altitude restriction??
9/16/2018 9:49 PM
I always make sure to pass the word of how happy i am with the services its just easy  and a hassle ffree solution to the free way (well known yet teddious) thank you OG's
9/17/2018 9:05 PM
Cant't agree more, it's totally worth it. I live in Germany and due the help of the great guys here, my Spark is freed up to it's potential.
I had a few questions and support was great with detailed help.
Thanks again and keep it up.

9/17/2018 9:44 PM
Always great support and very quick answers for my requests. I started with mavic 1 pro here and uprage now to M2 Pro.

Thanks for your work and help.

BR, Ron
9/19/2018 10:52 PM
I would still pay the price increase, for all the work NLD have put in, its really small price to pay for the freedom of flight.
9/21/2018 4:32 AM
Great! im waiting on the Mavic 2 Pro unlock to buy it right away!
9/24/2018 4:48 AM
Been flying MP for 1.5 years.  Holding off getting the M2P 'til your software is out!

I mostly fly fairly low, but I need to be able to look down on buildings, bridges, towers.
9/25/2018 4:06 PM
you guys earn it thx mr vater
9/29/2018 11:01 AM
To me, NLD is a must ! I was Linda pissed when i upgraded to M2P, knowing NLD is not available yet ! Can't wait !
10/5/2018 10:30 AM
Totally worth this price. Now waitin' for great updates for the Mavic2
1/2/2019 5:46 PM
Looking forward to the mavic 2! I’d happily pay again just so I can tweak my zoom! Great work as always
1/14/2019 4:06 PM
Please don't give up on the Mavic 2 Pro!!! Will be buying in a snap once ready :)

Thanks guys! Good luck!!
3/24/2019 10:35 PM
I am gonna buy your app as soon as Mavic 2 Zoom altitude limit can be unlocked.