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NLD Now Has Forums!

NLD Now Has Forums!

Hi all, just a quick note to say that NoLimitDrones now has a forum. You can check this out over at and its also linked at the bottom of every website page under the Customer Service heading.

The forum is a new addition and we'd like it to be a place where both NLD staff and our customers can share tips and tricks as well as a place we can finally keep an updated user guides. We would also like your input on shaping what discussion goes on there. If you have a request for a new forum or anything, post it up, PM a NLD staff member or post a comment on this blog and we will take it into consideration.

Our new forum has meant that we will soon be retiring the "Guide" section of the website. This page and setup has always been rather ugly. The existing guides have been re-written so they make a little more sense and added to the forums so that we can keep them up-to-date for you guys.

One thing to note however. The forum is a discussion platform, but it does not replace our support platform. The NLD staff may jump on and answer some support related queries occasionally, but we cannot guarantee a response in there. Please keep using our support portal at if you have support queries!

We will see you there!