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NLD Native Language Translations

NLD Native Language Translations

You may have seen recently that NLD has started accepting AliPay. PayPal and AliPay are the Number 1 and Number 2 digital payment providers in the world. Many westerners have never heard of AliPay, but for our users in China, it’s all they can use.

We didn’t really announce it at the time, but the integration of AliPay was in an effort to make NLD more use-able for customers, no matter how you do your online payments. Now that we have payments pretty much sorted, we need to focus on the app, this is where you can help!

In the coming weeks, NLD will be launching a translation system for the NLD desktop application so that users all over the world can enjoy NLD in their native language.

If you wish to translate the app into your language, NLD will provide you access to a portal where you can see every single text string used in the app in English. You simply translate it to your native language and then send the translation to us, all within the portal. We then check everything is good and contact you with payment.

We expect to launch the portal in the coming weeks when we can share from more details. For now, were being vague so we don’t over promise.

We are looking at translators initially for the following languages;
Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Polish, Hindi, Portuguese and Japanese.
But will later be looking at almost any language.

If you’re interested, for now, just do the following;
- log a support ticket over at
- Under “Help Topic” select “App Translation”
- Fill out the form details and then look out for our reply.

As a note, were looking for “professional” level translations from native speakers only. Sorry, but we don’t want the app jumbled up with poor quality auto translated strings from Google, otherwise we’d be doing this ourselves. We care about the quality of the translation, hence us paying you for it!

/cs2000 & the rest of the NLD crew.