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NLD Is Now Live!

NLD Is Now Live!

Hi all. After a little while longer than expected (OK, 2 and a half weeks delay, sorry!) we released NLD over the weekend.

As many of you are aware, the headline feature of this release is its ability to run NLD without a full version of Assistant 2 1.1.2 installed. Previously you had to have 1.1.2 installed as we used its communication framework to talk to the drone. This was a pain in the ass because it meant you couldn’t (without some trickery) have the new assistant 2 installed which is useful for troubleshooting. Were glad to say that this requirement is no more!

If you have 1.1.2 installed, you can remove this now. You can also install the latest version of Assistant 2, or not, its your call.

NLD now bundles some of the core libraries in the app which allows us to communicate with the drone still without the full app. Another side effect of this is that by removing a layer of abstraction we have made the communication layer more reliable and faster which is a nice side effect!

NOTE: On Windows, you may receive a Windows Firewall popup when you first run the new version asking to allow "Assistant Application" by "DJI" to communicate MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW THIS or your drone won’t be able to talk to NLD. You can find full release notes at this link


Unrelated Notes & Updates on Other Blogs:

  • Some windows 10 users are getting an Access Violation error when starting or closing the app. We are investigating this today.
  • The native language translation portal is completed and should launch today, look out for a blog post announcing its launch. Thank you for all your requests to translate so far!
  • We are aware that over the last few months we may occasionally have announced things before we really should and raised false hope. In the future, we will try to be clearer in any announcements we make and give a timeline with all intentions of sticking to it. We’re just excited to bring you new features, developments and news that sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves.

Thats it for now. More next time.

/All the Team at NLD