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NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit Released

NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit Released

This is fantastic news for any drone user who always felt that the range were too short :)
In fact, it is even more fantastic news for those who are using the Phantom 4 series and Inspire 2 with Light Bridge and no software boost mod were available.

We have put together a little kit of good quality components that works for any DJI drone where you can stuff it in.

It is an awesome piece of DIY work for the winter evenings in front of the fireplace.

This is a fantastic solution and we can gurantee that from our own experience with flying drones, that this is just crazy how well it works.
We have tried all kinds of RC mounted boosters and stupid antennas that looked like satelite dishes and what not, nothing beat this.

The reason that they are so good compared to existing market solutions is that it is basically just simple amplifiers in a tiny size with low power consumption.
One of those little boards gives more power than those bulky amplifiers one can get for RCs.

Another good thing is that this is an amplifer/booster for BOTH the drone and the RC which is the reason of the superiosity of this little kit compared to other solutions.

It is more important to have an amplified signal in the drone as it is high up there and will function like a little radio tower.
Having a huge directional booster on the RC only is a horrible experience and it is so easy to lose signal if you just turn the head for a moment.
Everyone who have tried this knows the problem.
This kit works with your normal omni directional antenna and you can keep flying like normal, just with at least 12 km of range (on Mavic2)

Direction is not a problem with this kit as both drone and RC are amplified all the way up to a smashing 2.5W.
This is a lot more powerful than when using the software mod in the NLD app as that mod is limited to the hardware transmission power.

The amplifiers are Bi-Directional while automatically identifying the frequency of the host signal 

You can find the kit here:
NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit for DJI drones