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New release comming up and some snazzy news!

New release comming up and some snazzy news!

We are now in the testig phase of the new release that will fix the prolem with being unable to identify the firmware version.
It has been a tidious task as we had to recreate the firmware database that DJI uses on our NLD servers.

We are not done building the database table yet as it requires a lot of individula firmware information from ALL the firmwares available.

As for the snazzy news:

Wouldn't it be cool to stream your HD live CAM from the bird, while mid air, directly to yor PC?
YES, we thought so...

If everything goes well (which it always doesn in the NLD world ;)) you will be able to stream from your bird, directly to your PC using NLD.

Whoop Whoop and whip whip @DJI