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Mavic 2 Root Bounty Update

Mavic 2 Root Bounty Update

First of all, Good News Everyone! </OldFuturamaReference> The NLD bounty hunt has been progressing well over the last week since its launched generating around $1000 on top of the cash NLD first put in to start the pools up. As previously talked about, this will be used to incentivize anyone out there with the skills necessary to contribute their hacks to NLD and overall to the drone hacking community.

It seems like we have our first fish on the line. We have been contacted by a group of people working on the Mavic Pro 2. As you will know from the bounty page over at we are running a bounty on the M2, specifically targeting root access on the M2 so that files in the operating system are modifiable without being rolled back to an older firmware. Progress is being made here. As you can see by the screenshot below, these guys have managed to get ADB shell access onto the filesystem.


This alone qualifies for the bounty pot. We have also seen other evidence of how this hack is performed and are 100% sure of its legitimacy. The only thing we don’t have yet is the underlying code for the technique so it’s not something we can implement into NLD until we have a copy of their secret sauce.

We are so happy that the bounty has already yielded some sort of results, but we need you to help push this over the line. The team behind this exploit are waiting for the pool size to grow. They’re confident their technique isn’t being looked at by anyone else and are therefore sitting on the code until the bounty pool grows further.

Essentially, the faster donations come in, the faster they will give access to the code in order that we can add it into NLD as an exploitable bird. Simple as that!

Some of this may seem…selfish, but it really isn’t. Think about it, If you were in the same position you’d do exactly the same! Your payment will grow larger the longer you leave it as long as you take the little risk of someone else finding the same exploit. Think of it this way, they could have gone to DJI, turned over their bug and ruined the party for everyone, but instead they came to NLD, triggered by the bounty programme and your generous donations.

Lets pick up the pace and see how fast we can get this bird added to NLD!

/All at team NLD