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Major NLD Update to 1.9 in the making

Major NLD Update to 1.9 in the making

We are going to release a major update to NLD very very soon!
This will be the last milestone release before v2.0 and will include the new v2 framework and a lot of other stuff that will make huge difference.
In particular we have rewritten the way we identify firmwares so that we never ever again will present you with a "firmware not recognized" dialog.
Instead of a lot of confusion due to unforseen dji mishaps during flashing we are now identifying it rock solid and can also pinpoint the modules that failed during flashing.

The communication layer and the way the drone identifies itself has also been rewritten along with a few other critical parts of the code that will allow for handling mishaps in a much more understandable way.

While we do apreaciate to hear from you guys on support we also realize that if you write us too much there, something is wrong :)
A host of minor things that could lead to confusion and cryptic error messages has also been weeded out.
The new logic is that NLD should ALWAYS be able to provide a solution for moving forward no matter the issue.
Of course with a few exceptions like a bricked device or similiar in that category.

As final thing for a milestone release there is testing, a lot of testing!

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2/9/2019 1:50 AM
i am very happy to you guys rock thx for what you guys do love ya man
2/9/2019 4:47 AM
Looking forward to the NEW V2 Site
2/9/2019 10:41 AM
We just want the mavic 2 zoom to fcc, please do the miracle, jkson5 is too much expensive
2/12/2019 1:10 AM
Thanks for your hard work guys!

Plz add jkson_fcc_mod to 2.0 / freq switching and 1.5W boost is huge! tnx!
2/12/2019 11:29 AM
guys, can I look forward Mavic 2 Zoom support with this update??
2/12/2019 6:28 PM
Hoping that the  Mavic Air will be added to the 1.9 update..
2/13/2019 1:51 AM
SUPER excited about the new release!!! Do you need Beta testers..  I am sure I can find some ;)
2/13/2019 3:08 AM
awesome work
2/13/2019 2:50 PM
Thanks guys!!!
Keep up the great work!!
2/13/2019 11:46 PM
2/15/2019 4:22 AM
Y para el MAVIC 2 ????????????????????
2/16/2019 3:43 AM
Will this make installing the software easier?
2/16/2019 6:27 PM
Thank you for listening to the voices. I have been on the user side of a great patch platform to one that makes me want to pull my hair out.
As alsway you deliver what is needed and then some. This is exactly why I am a repeat customer
2/18/2019 3:13 PM
Hope it includes the Mavic 2 nld client has been redundant since i got the mavic 2 .
2/19/2019 3:28 AM
Looking forward to it! My M2 zoom is extremely range crippled in rural Aus, would love to be able to switch to FCC. Thanks again for what you guys do.
2/19/2019 12:58 PM
Can't wait
2/25/2019 12:26 AM
G’day mates,  Anything to help the average guy understand and work through each stage of Moding their Drones is a good thing. Thank you to all the Brains behind NLD
Cheers iSpike
2/25/2019 12:28 AM
Any chance of being able to FCC on a IOS iPhone? It is all I have.
3/12/2019 3:02 AM
hope u guys fix the violation error... neve could use my licence.... doesnt work at all....
3/21/2019 8:56 AM
any news about the release date?
3/21/2019 9:20 PM
Hope it Will support Magic AIR !!!
3/23/2019 8:54 PM
Hope you'll finally have a hack for the mavic air...
3/31/2019 2:23 PM
This new NLD V1.9 is so exciting, Looking forward to seeing the new features. Keep up the good work guys & galls that make up the NLD team Worldwide.
Cheers from Wild Western Australia
4/2/2019 6:33 AM
Hello I have heard good things, but nothing works with my inspire 2.     when will this solution be fixed
4/6/2019 3:06 AM
Thanks for your hard afford
Wish coming very soon
4/17/2019 6:27 PM