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Booster Kits out of stock - Pre-order open

Booster Kits out of stock - Pre-order open

The last time we wrote to you, we had a giveaway competition for our booster boards. It was enjoyable to give something back to the community in that way. But there was a side-effect of the buzz generated by the competition. We sold more boards, and we are now out of stock of the CE version of the booster boards. More boosters are being produced in the factory right now.

We wanted to celebrate the success of the last giveaway a little differently. With the new boards en-route, we have opened up pre-order in the store to allow those who missed out last time to get an order in for the new batch. There has been a lot of excitement about this product, so don't miss out!

To help you get even more excited, I have one more piece of good news for you. While the new boosters are in pre-order status, we will be listing them at a 30% discount! Since you have to wait a bit, we wanted to thank you for your confidence during the manufacturing process. A 30% discount was a good way to do this.

Some more good news: Our team have been working tirelessly on documentation for the booster board, to make it even easier to install. The details are available at our wiki site here. There is a lot of information in there, including community sourced videos showing the installation process for a few different products. But the generic details will help you get started with any drone.

But that's not all! We mentioned the previous giveaway competition at the start of this email. We're going to do it all again. The instructions below explain how to enter the contest.

  1. Share a link to our booster board link on social media. The link is
  2. Screenshot a copy of your social media post and send an email copy to
  3. Tune in to a live stream from OzByDrone, where we will do the prize draw LIVE. The date and time of the show can be confirmed by looking at the timezone converter.
  4. Claim your prize in the chat during the show.
  5. NOTE: If the prize is unclaimed, it will be re-drawn the following month at a date to be announced.
  6. You can select to win either the booster board or an NLD key. Just pay the shipping for the board.