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Yet another update on the anti-rollback release!

Yet another update on the anti-rollback release!

We are finally there where everything is working...almost every time.
Unfortunately that is not "good enough" as it fails every 3-4th time.

Since firmware flashing is a critical process, we can not release it as it is.
We need to make sure that it works every time no matter what.

The problem is that if it hangs and people turn off their drone in the process it might cause the brid to become bricked.
We can of course not allow that to happen and we prefer to be safe than sorry.

In a few hours of sleep and some testings time we will release it.
ETA is around 10 hours.

We are all very sorry that we have to postpone the release, but we hope that you understand.


UPDATE: Folks are getting restless for updates so here is a quick update: We expect to be able to release the update within 5 hours.