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UPDATE: Mavic PRO Firmware Anti-Rollback

UPDATE: Mavic PRO Firmware Anti-Rollback

We stated in a previous post that we would release an update to NLD that would shred the new Firmware Anti-Rollback Protection appart within 48 hours.
A working method has actually existed for quite some time and was found by one of the OGs, long before the new Anti-Rollback Protection were made.

However, if we *DO* release this method for Firmware Anti-Rollback, we will risk that we burn some of the most important hack sauce in the toolbox.
This method *can* unless they patch it also crank open the coming product line from DJI so risking to burn it for a simple firmware downgrade would be very unfortunate.

This is a message that I posted in the DJI Jailbreak SCENE regarding our concerns among the OG's aka Original Gangsters:

"People are asking high and low about progress on the new anti-downgrade bypass so here is some info:
We have discussed it thoroughly among the OGs and the solution has technically always been there and @jezzab put the words into action and made a working POC.
However, we simply need to find another way to do it because the solution we have now will simply burn some of the best hack sauce we have left!
We can't allow that to happen just for the sake of a firmware downgrade bypass that most likely can be bypassed in a more simple way without giving DJI any info on what hack sauce we have left to keep the train rollin going forward.
This is my own statement as one of the OGs and I feel confident that there is a general consensus among the OGs on this particular issue at the moment."

The Original Gangers (OGs) is a small handfull of trusted people who started collaborating on the DJI Jailbreaking when we were...only a handful.
Especially one, @Hostile / KF is the OG who gathered the other OGs and were the driving force in getting everything rolling.

The meeting went down like this:

Another more targeted solution that ONLY target the Firmware Anti-Rollback Protection and nothing else is in development by a handful of the OGs.
When DJI burns it, we won't really lose anything other than something we would have to find again anyway when they release their next gen of the Firmware Anti-Rollback Protection.

We are very sorry for the wait but it is in everyone's interest, even those who are *now* stuck at the latest firmware ;)