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UPDATE: AV report false positive

UPDATE: AV report false positive

After some investigation, we have found out that the reason for the false positive on the NLD App reported by some Anti Virus programs is caused by the way we do certain things behind the scenes.
We launch external processes in terms of the NLD Auto Updater and Assistant 2 and that in itself is apparently not "looking good" to most AV programs.
Another thing is the way we interact with DJI Assistant, that also looks "bad" if you are an AV program.

While this is all very annoying to say the least we have now found a way to show the AV programs that we are not doing anything "bad" at all.
Most of the AV programs supports this feature while a few older ones doesn't.

If you have been nagged by you AV going crazy over version, please download it again and overwrite the existing version.

If you are still experiencing problems, please send us an email at