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The wait for v2 is almost over

The wait for v2 is almost over

We are finally at the stage where we are testing the coming NLD v2!
It will be a game changer and well worth the wait.

Yes, we know it has been taking forever to get this release done but...

We have rewritten the software and made it streamlined so that it is even easier than before to use NLD.
There will be a lot of new goodies and functionality that our users have requested.

The UI has been redesigned and made fully dynamic as we also will support other drone manufactures than just DJI in the future!

Finally we have gathered all feedback from our user support tickets and implemented them into NLD v2.

Keep your eyes peeled and the release will be out very very soon!
NLD v1 will automatically update to v2 when it is released.

Thank you all for your patience and stellar support!