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SAR Missions and NLD

Modern search and rescue missions work much like they have for a long time. The involve a huge amount of people manually looking for survivors by sorting through damaged buildings and flood water, along with sniffer dogs to locate anyone who may be trapped. Often helicopters are called in to assist in difficult extractions and to survey large areas and more recently drones have been used to enable super-fast and cheap (compared to a helicopter and pilot) searching of an area.

Due to their ease of access, price, stability when flying and range, DJI drones are often chosen to assist in these missions. However DJI employ their terrible GEO system, declaring areas damaged in natural events like this a NFZ, meaning that authorised SAR authorities are grounded and must use DJI’s painfully slow approval process before they can begin helping people.

How Can NLD Help?

If you are involved in any legitimate, authorised SAR mission in any of the disater areas, NLD will give you a key to our software.
To get this key, simply go to , fill out your details and select “SAR Operations” under the Help Topic. Write a quick message stating that you’re part of an active, authorised SAR operation in a disaster area and attach photographic proof that this is true.

We will then contact you back with a voucher code entitling you to a 100% off on the software, along with instructions on how you can get the NFZ’s disabled.
This will enable you to disable DJI’s GEO system and fly your craft to aid in your SAR mission. The only proof we ask for is some kind of evidence that you truly are involved in a legitimate SAR operation.
We truly want to help and will get codes out to you as fast as we possibly can as soon as were happy youre genuinely involved in the SAR operation.

NLD previously helped during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 by distributing NLD license keys to SAR teams. This enabled them to get in the air in minutes by totally bypassing DJI’s GEO system meaning they had a better chance at locating and then helping survivors.

To everyone else (non SAR team members)

We appreciate that any natural events, especially ones of this magnitude are scary, but that once the main event has passed that we also live in a modern world where everyone’s first reaction is to film what’s going on around them. If you live in or around the area, you may be tempted to get in touch and try to get a key, or even fly your drone if you’re already an NLD user, but PLEASE…don’t do this.
If a SAR helicopter pilot sees a drone in the area that’s not known about, the chopper has to be grounded for safety of the aircraft and pilots. This means that people whose lives may be saved by this search method may not be so lucky.

NLD supports the following DJI products: Phantom 4/ADV/PRO+, Mavic PRO/Platinum, Mavic AIR, Spark, Inspire 2 and DJI Goggles.

Stay safe, be smart and help each other.