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DJI Phantom 4/PRO/ADV

NLD MOD Client is a custom-built program for tinkering with and getting more features out of DJI's drones.
At present, NLD can unlock your drone, making it possible to downgrade the firmware which means you can unlock all the features that NLD provides.

These include removing all of DJI's No Fly Zone restrictions, increasing the speed which you can fly and also removing the 500m height limit, among many other performance upgrades!

It also allows access to all of the hidden parameters where you can make further custom changes!

Drone Firmware No Fly Zone
(NFZ) Removal
Altitude Removal Speed Boost Downgrade Firmware Range Boost
(FCC Mode)

Phantom 4

Phantom 4 ADV


Phantom 4 PRO


We also have a custom patched version of ” DJI Go4 ” that we call “NLD GO” for Android, that enables FCC mode by default, increasing the output of the RC for all our friends who are stuck with CE mode. Although the NLD mods will work along with any stock version of GO, Android or iOS, to get the most out of NLD and your bird, we highly encourage the use of our patched NLD GO clients for use on Android. Select your drone below to see what amazing features we can unlock for you