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NLD vs DJI AeroScope

NLD vs DJI AeroScope

DJI launches their new drone surveilance techonology called AeroScope.
AeroScope works with ALL existing DJI products as it piggybacks on the RC link.

This way the drone broadcasts your DroneID and other information to everyone in the aera who happens to have an AeroScope installation active.
DJI announces this system as the future in counter drone technology and claims that it can not be tampered with.

DJI have claimed so much lately that has turned out to be a blatant lie at best or utter BS at worst.
This is of course also the case with AeroScope as ít can be tampered with very easily.

The guys at the scene has already figured out how to tamper with AeroScope and we are very happy to enable all our users to change their DroneID as they see fit!
Yes, that is right, you will be able to change the DroneID so that you can not be identified through DJIs records by AeroScope.