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NLD Forums down for maintenance

NLD Forums down for maintenance

We should be back up and running in the next day or two while we make some needed changes to the forum. If you received lots of “spam” messages coming from the forum about new topics being posted, our apologies. This was an automated forum notification function, so we have taken the forum off-line for now, while we look into the problem.

/All at NLD

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5/24/2019 10:35 AM
what is the estimate for nfz implementation on
V01.00.0400 dual control

and when is the blog (uncensored version) going to be back
"next few days has all ready passed" still not activating my licence until users agree it can be trusted not to lose or crash my mavic 2
5/25/2019 7:23 AM
When does the forum come back?