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New NLD GO 4.1.22 instructions for GOOGLE maps:

New NLD GO 4.1.22 instructions for GOOGLE maps:

This new feature allows you to switch between Google Maps and HERE maps upon restarting NLD GO 4.1.22.
Here is what you need to do on your device that has NLD GO 4.1.22:  (If you already have it loaded, you will need to download and patch a new one)
Go to internal storage and look for the /DJI/og_settings folder.
Create a file named useGoogleMap and place it there.  Make sure that it doesn't have an extension, like .txt
Run GO. You should have Google Maps working.
If you want to switch back to HERE maps, just rename that file. As a suggestion, you could name it HuseGoogleMap.

Want to switch back to Google maps?  Rename it again to useGoogleMap.

*You may need to install ES File explorer to browse your device. Available in the Play store.

*remember that this won't switch while GO is running.  You need to close down GO, change the file and then open GO again.