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Mavic Pro 2 Firmware v01.00.0510 Notice

Mavic Pro 2 Firmware v01.00.0510 Notice

DJI Released firmware 01.00.0510 for the Mavic Pro 2 line of drones a few days ago. This update comes with a few minor changes, but no amazing new ones. They have also, again, increased “security” of the firmware.

Please note that as of this time NLD cannot perform firmware downgrades, or any other mods on 01.00.0510 or 01.00.0400.

As always, we are looking at the new update and will add support for mods where we possibly can, but there are no guarantees, just like with any new firmware updates.

We have repeated these words many times, however looking at support tickets, it seems to be getting missed. NEVER update your drone through Assistant 2, Go4 or any other app to a firmware that not listed on NLD’s Birdmap if you wish to continue using NLD as we simply cannot guarantee when we will have bypass/downgrade techniques on newer firmware.

We genuinely work very hard to support the latest firmware and drone models, but as is evidenced by the lack of other apps for modifying the MP2, this is hard! It takes time, effort, serious dedication and just a little bit of luck to gain full access at the level we need to new firmware’s.

Please resist the urge to contact support asking when we will support this, or any new firmwares, we will not be able to provide you a date. The best way to be notified of things like this is by signing up to email alerts from the blog.

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