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HERE Maps have just expired

HERE Maps have just expired

We have received reports from users that the HERE Map shows up "empty" in NLD Go.
After a little research it turs out that the license key for HERE maps simply just expired a couple of days ago.

This is not only having an impact on NLD Go but also all other apps using that particular "free license key".

As always, we are working on fixing the issue as fast as possible.

The fix will most like be released as part of the next update to the NLD MOD Client app and you will then be able to cut yourself a new version of NLD GO with HERE maps working again.

In the meantime, the app should automatically switch to use Goolge maps, just make sure to re-enable internet access after logging in the first time so that it can download the map tiles.

Be sure to check the site frequently, we are working on the NextGEN of NLD and the battle for obtaining root and full control over Mavic2.