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Happy new year from the NLD team!

Happy new year from the NLD team!

Now that 2017 is at its final hours we would like to wish all our users, friends in the scene and in particular the OGs aka Original Gangsters a happy new year! 

2017 had been a fantastic year and all this actually stated out almost by coincidence. 

If it weren't for Hostile who fed my brain with red herrings we would not have been here.

Being an OG myself I can reveal that 2018 will be yet an amazing year and DJI should start crying.

If they just knew what was in the pipeline and we can also reveal that we have their new product line by the balls. 

DJI, you will NEVER win, you don't have the talent to beat us and the way you do business we have to be your nemesis. 

What is coming in January 2018 is:

All the mods on the newest firmware

Anti downgrade bypass. 

Flight log analyzer. 

Keep safe and have a wonderful new year!