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Framework, Forums and Future Developments

Framework, Forums and Future Developments

For the last couple 2 or 3 months, whilst trying to keep some new features to NLD coming, we have largely been working on an “invisible” change to the back end of the NLD website/store/forums (everything online essentially!) This reason behind this was we needed to update the framework behind the scenes to allow us to grow and develop new features. Overnight, we were hard at work moving several months’ worth of codebase changes from our test server to the production environment.  All of these changes are now live and operational. For the most part, you will see no alterations, but this puts us in a good place moving forward.


What’s that funny € symbol?

Some of our eagle-eyed customers may have noticed we have switched the website from using USD to Euro’s. There is no conspiracy theory reason behind this switch, it is purely a business one. As most people tend to pay via PayPal anyway, the change as far as most people are concerned won’t affect anything.


The return of our Russian Bride Service ?!?

After three months of downtime (WAY longer than anyone here expected), the NLD forums are currently back online. We have implemented RECAPTCHA 3 which took a lot of work, especially when combined with the new website framework. This latest version of RECAPTCHA isn’t full of holes like V2 was and so it should stem the tide of the fake Russian brides and USA University enrolment “services”.


We are very sorry for the length of time this took, and for the false start back in May, but hopefully we’re back now.


Future Updates

Now the website framework is done, we can re-focus on what’s Important to you and to us. More mods! The next thing coming on the roadmap is enabling the FCC Mode patch for all birds, rather than just the M2. This is already in production and will be the headline feature whenever the next version drops.


Until next time


/all at NLD