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Firmware downgrade/upgrade/backup for NLD

Firmware downgrade/upgrade/backup for NLD

Today, 3 days after launch, we are finalizing the last few lines of code implementing Firmware downgrade/upgrade/backup into the NLD Mod Client!
The creator of DUMLdore, jezzab have made a special build for NLD that has now been implemented into the NLD Mod Client.
A big "thanks man" goes out to jezzab for making this special build for NLD!

If you bought an activation key for $24.99 the other day, then this is the star example of why the NLD Mod Client concept ROCKS!
What do you get for $24.99 these days?

Nothing really...oh well, actually, you do get a stellar option to fully mod your drone and take it out of DJI's control, that's also worth something ;)

So...What are you waiting for?

Eeeh dunno, but I can...just find it on the inernet and...for FREE!!
Yes you can, you are more than welcome, it's a free world.

Have a look at this: