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It works for me ! Thanks guys!!
Гость | 02.11.2017 17:54
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DJI Spark
My little bird is now much improved in every way. Highly recommended!
Гость | 13.11.2017 9:24
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I just purchased, removed altitude and NFZ limitations and 5 minutes later I were cruising above 1500 meters in a NFZ!

Fantastic job!
Гость | 25.12.2017 4:24
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I was skeptical, but it works!
I installed this on my Phantom 4 and I can't believe how easy it was. For how cheap it was, I didn't think it would work. It only took a few minutes and the altitude and speed limits are gone! Would definitely recommend!
Гость | 30.12.2017 6:08
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Works for Phantom 4 Pro+ in Slovakia
It works fine so far, I was able to get 1500m but very bad thing is still the forced RTH function at 3m/s. Which cant be speed up.

Please fix this also, thank you.
Гость | 08.01.2018 3:20
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it worked for me, it is faster than I did before, I just use IOS, and the patch for go4 is not yet implemented, my question is if I upload the go4 over 4.1.3 because it does not work in IOS?
Гость | 11.01.2018 8:32
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Works just perfect. Thank you guys very much
Гость | 20.01.2018 6:18
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Great, but needs better install instructions
For those who have a spark in CE mode this mod is a must, it rapidly improve transmission, and I'm having a blast in sports+ mode.

My only critique is they need to explain the whole installation process better, for example you use android device to install, then you can use your iphone, but there are steps along the way you can screw up on.

If they did a nice TUT VIDEO from start to finish, it would solve this.

I repeat, the hack is great and worth every penny.
Гость | 20.01.2018 15:52
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The NLD MOD Client is your ticket to fly w/o restrictions!
I was very sceptical about trying this on my new DJI Spark that I bought just recently but I thought I would take the risk and it paid off, BIG TIME! This works 100% for the DJI Spark and unlocks it's full potential.  I found flashing the firmware and modifications to be VERY easy and I was successful doing so on my first attempt. TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE!! Thank you guys SO much!! Keep up the great work!!
Гость | 22.01.2018 8:57
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What an insane difference this provides. Now it one badass little sport drone. Cant wait to have the ability to remove all limits on the MavPro with 1.4.0200fw.
Гость | 17.02.2018 17:51
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Works exelente, easy setup.
Works 100% 👍👍👍👍
Гость | 28.02.2018 7:36
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This guys are awesome!
This guys are awesome, they know what they doing....
Гость | 13.03.2018 2:50
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Dji spark or NLD spark
My tip is befor NLD mod client! I dont fly with dji spark! Dji spark fly with me but after NLD mod i m the king on spark:)
Гость | 13.03.2018 19:02
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Mavic pro work awesome now
Mavic pro work awesome now, thanks NLD
Гость | 18.03.2018 3:35
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Impressively splendid !!
Can really recommend NLD. Bought first for my Phantom 4, then after a few hours of testing, to my Mavic Pro!
Incredibly many settings and very easy to use.
FCC, NoCallDji, faster drones+, everything works well.
Many thanks to NLD Team

Greetings Sweden
Гость | 19.03.2018 19:53
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Works nice
For now i only used the patched App. Mainly to force FCC Mode. That works quite well. I have way stronger Signal now.

In time i will try some other functions.

Thanks a lot.
Гость | 23.04.2018 7:29
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Mavic pro
They know what there doing, y'all guys are awsome
Гость | 27.04.2018 6:43
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DJI Spark modded!
Great fast way to mod your drone, only complaint I have is that the speed hack does not stay set unless you close out the DJI app first, then the client, then drone. It will show that it isn't changed but I was still able to hit 50.35 MPH with a Spark!!!
Гость | 02.05.2018 7:15
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MavicAir JAPAN
I installed it on my MavicAir. The rise and descent became faster and became smooth. After that stop DJI's spy, speed up, please cancel the height limit. Thank you very much.
Гость | 25.05.2018 12:09
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Absolutely fantastic!!  It's everything they say it is and more!  Incredibly easy to use and allows us to truly take control of our birds!  Thanks guys as the entire community owes you a beer!!!
Гость | 30.05.2018 14:36
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Phantom 4 Standard
NLD did it’s magic on my P4 Standard and it fly’s great! It feels like I own it again.
Thank You NLD!
Гость | 05.06.2018 19:04
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NFZ kept me from flying on vacation...
Brought my p4 adv on vacation.I took off and flew for a minute when Autoland nearly drowned my drone in the ocean. Wtf kinda bullshit is that? I immediately bought NLD and modded the firmware, then downgraded my go app for iPad.FLYING HIGH AGAIN! No more Dji dangerous Auto landings.Buy this, it’s worth every penny. Thanks out to all the hackers involved!
Гость | 16.07.2018 4:47
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I've used this before and it kind of worked, it had a lot of bugs. but I gave it another run today and WOW.
Really good job. Keep up!

btw, Why is the activation key quantity is limited to 1? I would like to purchase 6 more very soon.
Гость | 30.07.2018 12:49
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Works perfectly
I bought NLD mainly to disable NFZ on my Spark, which it did without problem after downgrading the firmware to a compatible one. I am just learning how to fly the Spark therefore I have not changed any control settings yet (or I may not need to).
Гость | 23.08.2018 9:23
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So nice flight
Sayan | 26.09.2018 6:22
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Mavic Pro works great now, thanks NLD.

Thanks guys
Heinz | 02.10.2018 0:00
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Great job
I started using NLD about 3 months ago and the difference is unbelievable. It's faster more maneuverable and just outright hands down better than stock. I highly recommend using NLD!!!
William | 11.10.2018 10:34
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Power to the Responsible Drone Pilot
Your clean assistant worked well so thank you for having that download. After it recognized my drone I immediately bought your NLD mod.
Took me a few to downgrade my gear but I got it done. Well I am a retired Air Traffic Controller and understand the NFZ but DJI has over reached on something they are clueless about. I am thankful now I am the one in control of my flights as I have had NFZ disable my drone and damn near hard crash it even with smart RH on. This was in a clear area that DJI considered a NFZ.
Thank you again for giving the power of choice and responsible flying back to the operator.
Michael | 16.10.2018 13:10
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at first I thought it was too good to be true. but after installing it, which only took about 5 minutes to do, I put my Inspire 2 in the air and got it to 7000 ft, I only stopped because i got scared since i couldnt see it anymore. and with a tail wind i got it to 107 mph! overall I love this mod! I use my inspire 2 for work, and now i dont have to turn down jobs because it is in a no fly zone!
Гость | 22.10.2018 19:20
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Excellent! - Spark
Received activation key instantly.

Purchased for my spark mainly to force FCC to obtain a much stronger connection between RC and AC, not necessarily for range increase (but it's nice to know I have it).

Patched app works as it should and I love the fact I now have Mavic intelligent flight modes on my spark.

Process is pretty simple if you follow instructions provided.

NLD Customer support is excellent.

Гость | 14.11.2018 4:24
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More eexpensive in 3.5 months ???
Good pruduct  BUT...

On August 12, I bought a key for my Spark for "only"  $27.99.
And now I want to buy one for my Pro..
now it costs me $ 35. ?!?
Lourens.lampie@gmail.com | 18.11.2018 6:48
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DJI Sark
Absolutely amazing change to my DJI Spark. I live in a No fly zone that is redicusly far from any air traffic and it is nice to go in my backyard and test fly. Those of you that can do that on a day to day bases have no idea how nice it is. Before I had to get in my truck and drive about 10 miles even if I just wanted to check things out or try hand gestures. NOW I AM FREE. And no DJI constant nagging updates.
Thanks Guys for your hard work, I love my new free Spark. BTW I do believe in flying and hope that all of you that download this feel the same. DJI just took it overboard with their restrictions.
Michael | 19.11.2018 19:26
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NLD without DJI Assistant Rocks!
Thanks guys, now I can fly my Mavic Pro ANYWHERE I want without interference from DJI! It is sooo good to be able to escape from DJI now that NLD no longer needs DJI Assistant to connect to my drone and so there are no longer any Comm port issues. Well done!
Гость | 20.11.2018 17:58
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very good
oatzii009 | 21.11.2018 5:48
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amazing tool and group
This tool is by far one of the best community created and supported modding tool out there, not just for DJI drones but amongst all of the modding communities. its cheap, easy to use and supports the efforts of the OG's who helped drive this modding community forward. Plus, i hear the dudes who made it are very handsome as well. thanks guys you rock!
Гость | 23.11.2018 14:41
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (3/0)
I needed the NLD MOD client to remove the 500m height limit.  I also wanted to adjust the flight parameters to increase the speed when going down.  I was able to do both of these with the MOD Client, and was delighted with the P4P flight performance after that.  Thanks guys!
Гость | 23.11.2018 15:04
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NLD windows 10
I had no issues modding my mavic pro's firmware parameters and have been using NLD mod client for about a year now. I will consider buying a mavic 2 zoom when it is supported.
Гость | 23.11.2018 15:46
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Everything worked without any problem! It was a relief to get rid of dji's annoying limitations!
Гость | 23.11.2018 16:01
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you guys are doing a great job with the nld client, i only own the Mavic 2 now so not been able to test  out the new features properly, but the older versions of nld client did work well with the Mavic 1
kevin | 23.11.2018 16:03
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Wish you could transfer
Everything was great but I crashed my drone and got a new one but I'm not able to transfer nld to the new drone.
Гость | 23.11.2018 16:04
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Менеджер ответил на этот отзыв
You can always write to NLD Support and get your license transferred from a crashed drone to a new drone.
Excellent, but one thing..
I have used the NLD Mod Client for many months now and it has done its job flawlessly. However, the reason I bought this client was because I live in a DJI designated No-fly zone, and I saw that this mod could remedy my grounded bird. However, up until about a couple months ago, it worked to let me fly. Then, some issues arose with the mod, and it couldn't seem to allow my Spark to fly. I contacted NLD Drones through their help center and they helped me out the best they could, and told me that they would release an update for it to fix it. Unfortunately the update either has not worked or the specific one has not come out yet. Other than this issue with the no fly zones, this product is absolutely amazing and would highly recommend.
Гость | 23.11.2018 16:20
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i have NLD MOD 1 month and all is great,but
I'm not happy about a few things .
I have DJI SPARK model It happens that it does not always force 5.8ghz, but a true miscalculation of 2.4  at some moments 5.8 .
and second
I don't have maps but maps white, the better version loses the battery indicator and I'm forced to put on this version I'm using right now. I hope that you will solve it in the future
Aleksandar | 23.11.2018 16:51
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Easy to use
This program has been performing as advertised. Easy to use and the support has been quick. Usually I get a response within a day. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to mod their DJI product easily and reliably.
Eric | 23.11.2018 16:55
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Simply the best!
No way, to get the Mavic pro set up as you wish in a fast and easy way NLD MOD Client is worth the price. Before I could not imagine the fun you could have with the drone, when beeing bound in the limits given by DJI. After the mod I have made stunning clips I have never thought of. Only sad that you could not publish them because of the given restrictions...
I love NLD because mods are made very fast and without complications.
So I don't buy the Mavic 2 until there is the NLD MOD Client for it, too, because flying it without the mod would belike the regression to a baby...
Гость | 23.11.2018 17:07
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Very Happy w/NLD
When you need to fly 12 AGL 1.95 miles from the airport. When you go to a shoot and are grounded for an hour for a forced update. Many bad words! Played with firmware and apps all have been good. Customer service even works. Android PIE not good with NLD...yet.
Гость | 23.11.2018 17:16
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Very Cool
I live in the EU so i had to have this . Now mt drone can fly far like it should . Also sport+ very nice ( careful ) and I have Android and was easy to use my PC and Install App on Phone . All work perfect . Thank you Nolimitdronez !
Гость | 23.11.2018 17:49
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Phantom 4 Advanced
Works perfectly, way beyond expectation. Flying FCC in CE region works perfectly.
Гость | 23.11.2018 17:52
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I don’t know what I’d do without NLD MOD!
I’m a commercial drone operator in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and I just recently discovered NLD MOD when I needed to safely shoot commercial real estate aerial shots for a client.

I had to deliver the photos within 24 hours of getting the job and didn’t have time to wait on a long no-fly zone unlocking process by DJI. I already had FAA permission to fly and NLD MOD made it physically possible for me to do the job, which never put any other aircraft in danger. I don’t feel guilty about modding my aircraft because I’m using it responsibly and ethically.

Thanks guys! Keep up the great work! You have made my job so much easier.
Joe | 23.11.2018 18:03
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Worked.. For the best of the part
Used this software of a mavic pro... Successfully downgraded the firmware, then in the stage when it came time to apply any adjustments it froze during this process, so i left it.... For hours and hours no change, I ended up just disconnecting it, the result was a mavic pro that could not be recognised by any computer (like at all Linux, OSX, Windows) but it did connect to the app and my phone sometimes with abit of playing around and the adjustments did work I had achieved several flights of 1500 meters plus and one or two times hit the 2 kilometre mark in height (only in regional areas) as well as increased speed in sports mode (however soft landing was for some reason completely absent so care during landing was a must) so at the end of the day despite it half bricking the drone in a sense, I did once during flight aim the camera straight down to see a cesena about 200 meters below me dead centre of the shot too, still kick my self to this day for not having it recording but it was quiet amazing anywho on that note please have another device handy when flying at great heights with flight radar running to see if any paths cross where you are, something I made standard practice after seeing that
Гость | 23.11.2018 18:05
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Менеджер ответил на этот отзыв
Thank you for your review.
We are sorry to hear about the issue that you are describing.
Normally the drone should work as ususal, just without the restrictions.
Please give a shout to support and they will help you out fixing it.
Again, thank you for taking your time to share this with us!
Works great when site is available
I love the product I just wish I had the option of unlocking and modifying my Mavic offline.
Гость | 23.11.2018 18:15
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Менеджер ответил на этот отзыв
We have now moved the frontend servers from an unstable hosting provider and the backend servers are hosted inhouse.
Since we did the switchover we have not had any downtime.
It was very bad from time to time with the old soloution but we took acton and can now let our users enjoy a new ligtning fast service :)
Mavic pro
Thank you. I have opened Mavic Pro drone and on the last update and I hope you will open Mavic 2 pro
OMAR | 23.11.2018 18:51
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NLD Client sets me free.
As a multi DJI drone user, air traffic controller, and long term pilot. I myself was a little skeptical about NLD and their claims.
I will say what brought me to NLD was the fact I had permission to fly in one of those NFZ’s both in and out of buildings. I tried everything and had the boxes checked for permissions. It was a NoGo for me. Was disappointed and then upset because this $50 Walmart drone with a novice pilot with no permissions was able to do what I could not.
So the evening I went to NLD client. Updated my gear to take the chains of the NFZ off me.
I now Fly wherever I would like. I will say that a responsible Pilot is key to the use of such program. But as long as Walmart type drones exists NFZ’s will never be safe.

Fly Responsible
Гость | 23.11.2018 19:04
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Removing Altitude Block
The main reason I purchased NLD was to remove the 1640 feet limit that DJI had placed on the drone. Now at no time do I ever exceed 200 feet AGL, but if I am flying relative to ground flying 75 feet AGL flying up a mountain slope I could never reach my target due to the DJI limit. With NLD I am now able to fly to the top while maintainin a low AGL skimming the terrain with up close views.
Гость | 23.11.2018 19:22
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True Freedom
Thanks NLD for enabling my bird to really fly!
Гость | 23.11.2018 19:35
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NDL Mod Review
I have the software for a while now and I have used it a couple of times. What I like most is the visual mode in which you can fine tune the Normal and Sport mode and the ease you can get the firmware you want in.
Things I would improve:
I would add a Non DJI battery tick box under the NO Fly Zone and Altitude boxes which should remove the 10% auto landing.
I am still using Assistant for this, much easier than getting through parameters.
Users should be made aware of the risks involved and that the aircraft will still auto land on low voltage and cell unbalance which is fine, you don't want it really dropping on someones head.
Please people, if goes down on low voltage or unbalance and you are not in the middle of nowhere let it go, this is it.
Or that, especially maxing Sport mode drains heavily on the battery reducing battery life.
Not everyone is aware of these and this app is for all of us :)
Things I don't like:
The fact that the app must be online and connected "home" to work.
Things that worry me:
Looks like DJI is winning on Mavic 2 front which in the future my spell trouble...
We will need one day to switch to newer drones.
Overall thanks for the extra fun NLD guys brought to the masses.
Гость | 23.11.2018 19:45
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Менеджер ответил на этот отзыв
Thank you for your review!
Mavic2 has already been opend like a can with a can opener ;)
However, we are not to decide when it will be releeased, that right belongs to the OG who figured it out.
Easy and great
You can use this mod to eliminate all restrictions but you need to be serious and don't made any stupid thing.
Enjoy the mod, NLD are a great team.
Гость | 23.11.2018 20:07
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5 stars
5 stars an more...congratulations! !!
Evangelos | 23.11.2018 20:57
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Phantom 4
This is really a good product. It hasn't done what I want it to do as yes but I'm seeing potential in it. I thought it could help with the error I'm getting on my phantom 4: NAVIGATION SYSTEM ERROR. I wish someone can plz help me with this problem
richie | 23.11.2018 21:03
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It is the only way to freedom our bird's .
I use it 6 months now and I'm very happy.  The nld is only team with business lifetime supporting.

Гость | 23.11.2018 21:41
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Fabulous Product!
I've been a customer of NLD for some time now I love what the team has done with this product!  The extra performance that you have given my Mavic Pro and the ability to completely cut off the connection between my drone and the Chinese Overlords was worth every penny.  I must say that it was some of the best money I have ever spent!

I am a responsible flyer and I don't need some controlling app telling me where I can and can't fly my drone.  Having the ability to do away with the No Fly Zones was a big selling point for me, along with the ability to tweak the performance parameters of my Mavic.

To the team at NLD, thanks so much for all of your hard work in bringing this great product to market!

Tom Keegan
Гость | 23.11.2018 21:49
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
I am full of admiration for you for your hard work!
Thanks to your help, flying the drone has entered a whole new dimension.Very small price for very large opportunities.
I encourage my colleagues to use NLD.
Thanks again!
Гость | 23.11.2018 22:05
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Great Value does exactly what it says no fuss
Great product which takes the guesswork out of modding your drone. Works flawlessly and the support from the crew is world class. Many thanks for all the hard work you guys put in.
Гость | 23.11.2018 22:05
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Great Tool
As a total noob on the Drone hobby I just want to flight,without any complications or big preparation times, soon I discovered how limited my DJI’s were. I definitely feel that I have a new drone after unlock or define a few parameters. It still took me some time to figure out from the website and still don’t understand all the details that I can change. Most people just wants Range or speed, if you could make that part more self explanatory would be great. Overall I’m very pleased with the possibility to define my parameters. Thank you NLD team, great platform that you have.
Гость | 23.11.2018 22:26
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Topnotch +++++
Easy to use.
All settings are easy to find.
I can really recommend using NLD!

/ Mavic PRO owner.
Peter | 23.11.2018 22:26
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Fijne app duurde even voor de juiste firmware erop zat. Maar toen ging alles goed.
Makelijk te bedienen.
Paulus | 23.11.2018 22:27
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Yes,it works!
After buying mavic pro.dji implemented further restrictions 120m.I tried and tried to find how to crack,followed u-tube clips but with no success until I found NLD!! The best i ever bought! Iam very very happy with NLD! Easy and it works!Iam a so happy to climb above the clouds(Sweden).and to be able to change many parameters like how to descend faster!The support team are super!They answer quickly and with easy English to understand!
Гость | 23.11.2018 22:33
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Realy good job!
Hi friends !
just a few words in response to thank you for your excellent work.
Regarding my experience with NLD I have had a lot of com1 problems for several months.
With the latest version 1.8.0 probably the best, everything works perfectly and it is a great pleasure to fly a bird to which we did not cut the wings.
Once again Thanks and best regards from a distant but faithful user from the beginning.
Hervé from France
Гость | 23.11.2018 23:23
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A MOD that really works
I was suprised to see how easy the modding procedure was. The mod works 100%. It delivers everything promised. For me, the fcc mode range gives piece of mind when shooting my scenes.
Гость | 23.11.2018 23:54
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Super tevreden!
Toen ik mijn DJI spark had gekocht.
Heb ik al snel dit programma gekocht.
Het is een wereld van verschil!
Deze software heb je echt nodig!
Гость | 24.11.2018 0:01
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Best app
Nld it’s best app for hack your dji !!! With this app you have a new drone!!!!
Гость | 24.11.2018 0:35
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Everything works great. I'm very happy.
Thank you
Гость | 24.11.2018 0:40
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Total Liberty
As a demanding nature photographer, I was thrilled with the idea of breaking the height limit of my Mavic Pro. It was not easy but I managed to hack it. What a joy to break barriers and enjoy total liberty for shooting landscapes from angles not possible before. Thanks to NLD I was able to extend my creative resources. As NLD only works with old firmwares, I miss the advantages of the latest firmware. Thank you for your great work.
Гость | 24.11.2018 1:09
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A worthy investment
Hats off to the guys at NLD - for freeing our birds...
I really hope you can do some magic with the Mavic 2 ;->
Paul | 24.11.2018 1:20
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I use NLD to get my mavic pro in FCC mode
Works perfectly
Гость | 24.11.2018 1:29
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Mavic pro
Works great! Gave me fcc mode and I dont have to do that enoying uppgrades all the time! The only bad ting is that i havent got the altitude limit off yet
Гость | 24.11.2018 1:38
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Simple is wonderful!
Thanks to Team NoLimitDronez I managed to get and free my drone to the limits that requires DJI, I bought the program and immediately I was satisfied by the simplicity of its operation thanks guys are the number one. (Sorry for Google translation)
Rosario | 24.11.2018 1:53
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Mavic pro
Great software , easy to use.
Гость | 24.11.2018 1:57
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half satisfied
Hello, I am very happy with the customer service, but I'm not so happy because I think you should try to make all the unlocking and NFZ present in each version, which I mean is that it is not To downgrade and have to go to version 03.0700 to unlock the height, it would be great to do so from any version, for example 04.0300. Or to include the parameter of "g_config_flying_limit_height_limit_enabled = 2" in the application to be able to change it.
Then I also have another problem with the speed, when the "20" is never stored, and tried to change it to "parameters" there is "flight controller" there is no way I can keep it, I tried it anyway.
In summary, I acquired your service to unlock height and speed and for now I am not satisfied because I can not do one thing or the other.
Гость | 24.11.2018 2:14
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Modding made easy
Idiots Guide To Downgrading Firmware, Changing Flight Parameters
It makes your life so much easier
Гость | 24.11.2018 2:25
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Unlocked mavic pp
Well done unlocking program. Professionaly done no flaws. I have a mavic 2 pro and would like to know if u have anything to remove the height restriction,?
Гость | 24.11.2018 2:31
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NLD Review
I purchased it for my Mavic Pro. It was great for Mavic.
Now I no longer have a Mavic, I cannot transfer it to my Phantom 4 Pro.
There is also no mod for Mavic 2.
So... the mod is now completely useless for me.
Гость | 24.11.2018 2:31
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Freeing your DJI Drone
DJI drones are great to fly and a new freedom except for the overburdens of DJI itself. NLD gives you a real choice and greater freedom. Fly safe!
Гость | 24.11.2018 2:37
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NLD Mod Ottimo strumento
Questo software non ha lo scopo di eludere la normativa presente in Italia, ma di poter aumentare le potenzialità del nostro Mavic: questo spesso è una sottile linea tra il codice legislativo e quello deontologico.
Senza dubbio ampliare le funzioni  del nostro velivolo ci fa accendere la luce in una stanza quasi completamente al buio: voglio sottolineare che cambiare i parametri della velocità  è cosa diversa da escludere no fly!  Tutte le funzioni  devono essere utilizzate allo scopo di test, ed è quello che esorto tutti a fare.
Senza dubbio,è fantastica  la procedura di downgrade, cosa che Dji non contempla, anzi, ci impedisce di volare senza fare gli aggiornamenti:  se questi aggiornamenti fossero legati alla normativa, potrei anche in linea teorica essere d’accordo. Ma quasi sempre gli aggiornamenti non hanno questa finalità ma, quella di ampliare le potenzialità che però sono oggettive e non soggettive: decido io quello che voglio fare e quello che non voglio! Mi spiace che questa politica aziendale tolga la possibilità di scelta, e che dobbiamo rivolgerci a NLD MOD Client che ci restituisce “il potere” su un NOSTRO dispositivo. Ho trovato interessante infine, la possibilità di utilizzare l’App NLD go: peccato che prevede solo la versione dedicata in lingua  inglese mentre in Italia spopola la versione in lingua italiana di Dji go (spero che prendano spunto da questa recinzione!). In definitiva sono contento di fare parte del gruppo di utilizzatori di NLD MOD Client. John
Гость | 24.11.2018 2:56
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Does what it says on the tin
Very easy to use plug and play and if needed you can get a helping hand over Facebook chat
Гость | 24.11.2018 3:40
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Scrivo in italiano così che anche i miei connazionali possano capire bene.
Indispensabile per me che abito vicino un aeroporto chiuso... Purtroppo dava tutto NFZ, anche se non passano più aerei ..
Гость | 24.11.2018 4:14
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happy so far looking forward to Mavic 2 support
I have no complaints about using the software am looking forward to easier method of using it with crystalsky and also being able to use on Mavic 2 crystalsky combo then I can sell my Mavic pro
Гость | 24.11.2018 4:44
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Quirky but Awesome
Used it on my Mavic Pro.  Had an issue with flashing the no-NFZ modified firmware (had to upgrade / downgrade until DUMLdore worked) but once it flashed it's awesome!
Гость | 24.11.2018 4:45
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Amazing !
Work fine on my Spark on an android phone !
And very easy to install.
Good work guys, keep going this way !!
Гость | 24.11.2018 6:02
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you are the best guys
I thought that getting the DJI Mavic Pro was the best thing in my life but it was finding your programme which made my bird free again. Thank you
Гость | 24.11.2018 7:56
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
NLD took all of the NFZ restrictions off my DJI Mavic pro and if anybody have with dji take out just contact the and make a service ticket NLD will guide your back through step by step to help take the restriction back out
Гость | 24.11.2018 8:52
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Amazing Support
Well, this program is simple to use, user friendly and works a charm. I am however a dumbass so needed help, the support was fantastic, Quad808 personally helped me anytime I needed.
Гость | 24.11.2018 9:18
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Good product, easy to use.
It does what it says and it's easy.
James | 24.11.2018 9:28
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Excellent product
we expect to do the same with Phantom4 pro v2 and Matrice600
Гость | 24.11.2018 10:14
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This is a "must have"!
I've been using the NLD client for a while now and it is by far the best further investment I have made.
Quite simply it turns your DJI product from an expensive toy into the fully functional outstanding tool the designers intended.
Гость | 24.11.2018 12:41
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Does what it promises.
Great stuff as long as cretins dont get their hands on it. Nowadays dronepilots should understand to fly sensible but there are allways exceptions.. The FAQ should go more in depth on what to update and what to not. Not just the dronefirmware. Ive been in contact with the support a couple of times and sometimes it feels like no matter how much detail you enclose they still find it hard to "understand your question". This however is a minor detail that would be no problem at all with a updated FAQ. If all customer questions would be part of a "sub-FAQ" we would have more to go on. Final verdict: When it works, worth every penny!
Гость | 24.11.2018 12:45
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Phantom 4
Works a treat!.. good work guys excellent job!! I was looking for 500m to be removed, not that i want to go above it, but sometimes when conditions are right you have the option to go for it. Also adjusting flying parameters is great too, speeds, angles etc....  Fly free and safe!
Rene | 24.11.2018 14:28
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Getting REAL good
With the elimination of DJI ASSistant 2 it's
getting rid of DJI's Ass, for me too.

I actually cut their asses loose a long time ago.

Never stop improving.
Гость | 24.11.2018 14:40
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Fly a drone? You need this!
Great software, 100% working does exactly what it says! Get the most and more out of flying.
Гость | 24.11.2018 14:46
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Works exactly as you say-the difference it made to my Spark was incredible
Гость | 24.11.2018 15:15
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jose luis
daros las gracias por todo el trabajo que estais haciendo para todos los aficionados a los drones,yó tengo un Mavic pro y no me ha dado
una guerra, es de los primeros que salieron.Un
abrazo a todo el equipo.
Гость | 24.11.2018 15:15
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Worth it!
I was dubious about this web site but my experience has been excellent. The software allows extended control, leading to more fun and even longer flight times.

It was worth the full cost after the first flight.

NLD is almost necessary if you use the Spark with Goggles (which have very intense limits).

Works great with ios SparkPro app (dont need GO4).  Really fun with friend on goggles while I fly with iphone using SparkPro.

The support team members are ubergeeks and dealing with subgeeks or normal humans is sometimes a bit problematic and the docs are a bit overly technical and tmi.  Nevertheless they are very willing to help.

Take care with adjusting control limits....great power requires great responsibility....
Гость | 24.11.2018 15:17
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Very good product and customer service
I've been using NLD for a few months with my DJI Mavic Pro and I am absolutely happy with it. I am also pleased about the customer service; the people at NLD are very helpful and provide quick feedback.

Keep up with the good work! :-)
Гость | 24.11.2018 15:31
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Flying experience of a user from Taiwan
Thanks NLD team, my spark now can fly anywhere that I want, it doesn't mean that I can fly illegally, it means I have totally control with my spark and I can fly my spark more safely without limit.
Shih | 24.11.2018 19:51
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Great softwear
Used this on my phantom 4 pro plus it was so easy to use just follow the step by step instructions and these guy are on hand to help I have just ordered a mavi pro so I will by buying another copy it really is that easy to use so once again thanks guys fantastic program
Гость | 25.11.2018 2:55
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The best.
Ya'll do know what your doing, The best!!! Thanks
Гость | 25.11.2018 11:54
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High there
Great work guys , i installed on my mavic pro and it was great but have sold the pro and updated to mavis pro 2 and cant wait for the soft ware for for this model to be avaliable
david | 25.11.2018 13:43
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Great Mod, Better Support!
Mod works great. AWESOME bang for the buck!! Truly suggest watching the videos on U-tube etc, concerning the use of the Mod Client. These videos brought me up to speed quickly, learning the features Mod Client provides. The NLD support has been great! There is total support after the sale!
Гость | 25.11.2018 19:13
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NLD Mod Client
I've used NLD on my Mavic pro Platinum and Spark and just waiting on ability to unlock my Mavic 2 zoom. The Dashboard and Parameters page allow for any and all possibilities to be realized.  Thanks NLD!
Weston | 25.11.2018 20:12
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Perfect for Phantom 4 Adv.
First I was a bit skeptical... but at the end of the day everything was pretty easy and works perfectly. You guys do a very good job - thank you !!
Гость | 25.11.2018 23:28
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How it should be
I always said that there would be some smart people out there that would come up with something to dig us out from under DJI's crap.  And here they are.  Thanks to all at NLD I can fly my Mavic the way I bought it to fly.
Paul | 26.11.2018 6:53
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Excellent ! :)
Гость | 26.11.2018 11:46
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Best Part of Owning a Mavic
This makes the experience so much better. Not a little better, a huge load better.
Гость | 26.11.2018 14:13
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
NoLimit Feedback
I'm quite pleased with the evolution of the NLD Mod, and grateful for the OG's focus to reach a high level of flexibility in up/downgrading firmware and an extended revision latitude for the "Go" app.
Would benefit from ability to image configurations so specific changes could be done in the field, offline.
One thing stands in the way of a perfect score, though:  I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing to jettison a VM and, after nearly a year now, want to see "A Mac version is available now" instead of "A Mac version is coming soon".
Гость | 27.11.2018 0:34
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Great Product and Even Better Service
The product works really well and truly unlocks the full potential of the DJI drones. Will definitely be purchasing this again when I buy another drone. Additionally, their customer support is very helpful and will make sure to all ends that your problem gets fixed. Plus love that it is constantly being updated and worked on!
Гость | 28.11.2018 3:03
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Mavic Downgrade v01.03.0600 and NLD go 4 Patch to tablet
Absolutely delighted with results.

Did take a few attempts to downgrade firmware, 5 to be exact but just followed the advice from the NLD team.
PETER | 29.11.2018 12:08
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
NLD Review
This is an excellent product. The activation of the software was easy. Using the NLD Client was also very easy. Prior to buying the software I was able to do all mods using the info published by the OGs in github. By far the NLD Client is the way to go. I purchased a license for both my Mavic Pro and Spark and now it is not necessary to update using trial and error. This works everytime!!!!
Гость | 30.11.2018 8:08
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Exactly as expected
I found this program to be useful for it's intended purpose. It was more convenient than doing firmware management the "manual" way, esp when using custom builds or when faced with mismatched controller/airframe firmware revs.
Гость | 30.11.2018 12:51
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Great follow up
I had a few problems with my phantom 4, and the support was great walking through the issues with me.

I can't wait for the here maps to start working again.
Гость | 01.12.2018 16:49
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Mavik Pro Platinum
After literally weeks of requesting help with
re-programing of the NLD Mod Client, I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. I was having a unique problem with ALL but one of the pages being able to be read and used as intended. It just happened to be the one I needed to defeat the No Fly Zone. All works now as do all the latest updates. Tnx guys & Gals.
Гость | 01.12.2018 16:51
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (2/0)
Easy and simple to use
If your not that tech minded with computer software like myself then NLD is the one for you, really easy and simple to use
richard | 02.12.2018 15:10
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
NLD is a MUST have especially for Android users
Purchase the product a few days ago and I was amaze on how much the difference in performance wise compare to stock DJI Go app and firmware. Now my Spark have smooth live video feed even when it fly around 2000m. And yes, 2000m and still going. And of course the setting of the speed with my own taste and style. Love the max speed when flying on Sport Mode. To be honest, worth every penny! :) Highly recommended and make sure to follow the guide and instructions step by step. And NLD support are great. Gave detail instructions on a few problem I had and solve them with their guidance.Thank you guys...
Andee | 03.12.2018 10:09
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
NLD MOD Client Review
The program works as it should. What it doesn't do automatically I can do semi manually by the easy access to 'parameters' it gives me.
Follow up to queries is fast. I replaced my crashed Phantom 4 Pro with a rebuilt one a few months ago and NLD MOD Client were quick to get the new one working with the software for me inside of 24 hours.
No complaints with them at all and in fact can't recommend them high enough.
As an ATP rated fixed wing pilot and photographer I find the restrictions imposed by DJI ridiculous. I can work out the restricted areas and other airspace requirements in Australia quite easily myself and don't want to be restricted when its not required. This software allows that.
Гость | 07.12.2018 14:32
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Good stuff
Great support. I had a couple questions about the tool and sent a them a message not really expecting a response. They were great, got back to me quickly, were patient, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me out. Tool works as advertised on my Spark. Go4 Mod works great too.
Гость | 08.12.2018 8:35
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Worth the risk.
My only requirement was removal of the NFZ which caused so much hassle before I could fly.
If it was just the DJI tick boxes, and if they worked, then fine, but they didn't. The verification constantly failed and recently the NFZ maps which were wrong, ended flying altogether.
I am delighted to confirm that is a thing of the past now, thanks to NLD.
A recent test worked better than I expected. It even corrected some serious camera issues that reinstalling the latest DJI stuff seemed to be incapable of correcting.
I am a happy bunny.
Thanks NDL. I wish you were more diligent with your support, but I seem to have worked it out by myself.
Alan | 10.12.2018 8:21
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Well worth the lifetime subscription
Transform your Mavic Pro into an Extreme Mavic Pro....along with many more features....its like enabling developer options on an Android device...so many parameters available...makes a great drone way better...and breaks you free from the DJI bondage.....super group of guys and gals at nolimitdronez....cant say enough...Thank you!!!!!
Гость | 10.12.2018 11:34
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
my thoughts about MOD
First of all thanks to all of you who created this project! I didn't use it much yet, just 2 flights after modding and some sport twiks for more max speed. And sorry about my bad english I am from Ukraine so its not my native =)
What you gave me for the first its freedom like it must be out of the box from dji. But they dont give a fck as we all know. Im not crazy to fly 1 or more km altitude. But I need this tweeks to fell free in my creativity.  Now I have faster rth function its greatest thing in the mod cuz in hard wind it alwayz fly away in rth mode. I have skills in atti mode and now its even more beautiful to use it! I made a lot of hardware mods like boosters and antennas and adding landing lights to my phantom 4 but NLD is the best solution! Thanks!!!
Maksym | 10.12.2018 12:01
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Great Program!
Everything works as described! Got my phantom 4 pro up to 50mph a little bit more tweaking it should do 50+mph! And nomore NFS its great!
Brandon | 12.12.2018 10:46
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
God app
So far im happy with The app
Гость | 14.12.2018 3:18
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Freedom with responsibility
I have been a commercial pilot for 40 years. I know how to fly safely. It will be my judgement that guides me, not software limitations. NLD has given me that opportunity. It is quite low cost for the time they have put into development.
Гость | 14.12.2018 11:35
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
The best
This program is awesome it allows you to unlock the true potential of almost if not all dji products I say it's the bees knees
Гость | 17.12.2018 22:42
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Really happy with Spark mod,....but...
...when is the same freedom available for the mavic air?
Гость | 19.12.2018 7:26
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
First experience with a mad machine
OK, if you want to use this software, try smaller increments in speed changes. I went for max, turned my drone into a mad thing and smashed it into a tree (pilot error). I should have judged the height of the tree better. Have to repair the gimbal and get the mad thing flying again. It is amazing what the software does, what changes to the performance I gained, albeit for a short while. Till I get flying again.
James | 19.12.2018 13:46
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Locked Down by DJI
I have had DJI Drones when they were first released. I always did updates and calibrations when they were released. DJI in their last Firmware update used old FAA Data and literally used Decades of old airports and runways. We have an old Air Strip about a mile from where we live that hasn't been used in 50yrs. I found your Software online, and it does everything you Claim!! can't wait for the IOS Ver. to be released. This is Excellent Fix for DJI's Screw up!!
James | 26.12.2018 8:16
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Mavic pro
Hi nld.  I have found the nld download to have downloaded very well. But am actually having a bit of trouble with making the nld go patched app work. This is not the fault of nld but more the fault of me not understanding computers very well. Nld have already been great with their customer service towards me even over the Christmas period. I’m sure with nld,s help I’ll get this resolved in the new year. So yes A big thumbs up to nld.
Гость | 26.12.2018 11:49
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
It works
It works
Гость | 26.12.2018 13:01
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Worth the price
I actually bought the NLD Mod only for the normal and sport plus modes. My spark is like a racing drone now. Just awesome.I plan on trying the rest of the mods maybe later down the road. I had an issue when I first installed. Support got back to me in a timely manner and helped me get everything working correctly. I recommend NLD Mod to anyone needing  to break free from any lockdowns.
Гость | 01.01.2019 18:29
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Excellent mix of quality, performance and price.
This is probably the best modded for DJI drones out there. I find that NLD strikes a good balance between quality, performance and price. The NLD Mod is no exception.

I highly recommend this mod client so I’ll start with the positives with no negative results


User interface: dumldore, DJI assistant, dank downloaded, is combined under the new release. This makes the mod client essentially plug a play which ease of the use for “non-tech” people: an often overlooked feature with other mods.

Customer support: it’s very easy to access with trouble ticket that you fill hit submit and within 24hrs you have a response.

Thank you NLD team,OG’s
Гость | 01.01.2019 23:23
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
I would have paid twice the price.
This NLD MOD Client fixed so many issues for me with my Spark and my CrystalSky monitor, I would have gladly paid much more. The “How to” on rooting the CrystalSky was the best I found on the web. Well done!
Robert | 02.01.2019 11:24
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Mavic Pro heiht...
I love the product I just wish I had the option of unlocking and modifying my Mavic offline.
Гость | 03.01.2019 2:56
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Plugged the hole left by DJI
Since various updates by DJI found me wanting more; specifically what I had pre-summer 2018. NLD fills this gap and gets me back where I was utilising the drone to its full potential. Installation is simple and straight forward even for a techno dinosaur like me!
Гость | 04.01.2019 0:48
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Thank you guys, the MOD works perfect. I and my Spark we're so happy to flight again!
Гость | 04.01.2019 13:09
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One stop shop
NLD Mode Client is your one stop shop for putting some of the best mods on your drone. You name it the can unrestrict it. The support team or operators are second to none while being down to earth. If you are a drone fanatic or just starting out on your first flight, NLD MOD Client should be your go to store for your sweet drone.
Гость | 05.01.2019 7:54
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
I'm into modifying my car and getting custom tunes but never thought you could do this to a somewhat entry level drone like the spark. I was skeptical as most people but after downloading the software and a couple of emails between me and no limit dronez I was amazed at the results! Awesome customer service and a superior product, couldn't be more happier and I look forward to future updates/upgraded software 😉
Matthew | 08.01.2019 18:31
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Pratico e intuitivo
O NLD é bem simples de mexer, os parâmetros são facilmente alterados. Otimo
Гость | 09.01.2019 3:30
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DJI Spark
I was not satisfied with my dji spark at all , I live in Europe and the ce limitations was kind of bad when the videosignal was gone after 400 meters .
So my primary mission was to get rid of that and get fcc mode on my spark for better and safer connection when flying , and now I am very satisfied
when I fly around and not loose my videosignal .
After flashing with nld mod client that was not so hard after some youtubing on cruzroy:s chanel , I tried to go from .1000 firmware to .0300 directly but
that was not possible for me so after flashing with .0900 I went directly to .0300  and that work fine with no problem at all.
The things I find most fun now is the easy tweaking of my bird , I can get some slow nice settings for photoshooting and video and have the sport mode slowed down also to
have a softer transport to next mission . and when the horn grows before a cup of coffe is finished you can go from sportmode  to totally insane if you just wanna play on some field
The money I spent for this upgrade =35 usd was the best investment for this little thing and I would gladly come back for new nld clients if upgrading or destroying this one.
A big bonus is that I have cut the dji chains and can decide myself if the location is sutable or not for flying
Гость | 09.01.2019 15:41
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Dobra robota
Coś niesamowitego!
Polecam wszystkim!
Drone Poland😉
Гость | 10.01.2019 12:20
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Easy as 1, 2, 3...
NLD Mod Client is so easy to use, no need for manual parameter inputs.... just push a button and it'll do the rest for you!! Thanks !!
Wilfredo | 13.01.2019 1:19
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Awesome works exactly as advertised. My bird is now free of the corporate dji jail. Thanks guys.  Worth every cent!
Гость | 14.01.2019 6:00
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5-Stars for Service and Product
I've been a new drone pilot just 6 months and had to quit using DJI Go 4because DJI continuously messed up my flight experience with so-called "improvements" in firmware.

Like many Mavic Pro pilots experiencing NFZ issues, I was doing some researching and came across a reference to No Limit Dronez on the MavicPilots Forum.

As I explored the NLD website I discovered what appeared to be a possible to "disconnect" completely from DJI so as sever the ability of the DJI "Nanny" to overtly or covertly interfere with my flying experience by messing with my firmware. Now I want share BOTH the good and the area's I think could be improved in the customer experience working with NLD.

#1: 5-Stars for response to problems. I'm a 70-year old "kid" and was having some problems following directions. In order to get things up and running is not "rocket-science", but may not be for "entry-level" pilots with little or no computer savvy. I consider myself on the lower end of the "intermediate-savvy" scale...and so I experienced some issues.

When things did not go as I was expecting I emailed NDL Support. Their response was within a couple of hours; they were friendly and patient in their response; and their followup in resolving issues was excellent.

#2: 5-Stars for the performance of the product. NLD exceeded my expectations! I had completely stopped using DJI Go 4 for flying my Mavic Pro because it was utterly undependable on my android phone. So my first big thrill was flying the NLD-patched DJI Go 4 app. I've now flown 6 batteries using NLD Go 4 app and it has been flawless!! And this morning was the big test! The NFZ was disabled leaving me the choice to fly safely and responsibly when I'm skirting the edges of low-volume airports.

#3: 2-Stars: Documentation. NLD needs to greatly improve its documentation / user manual. Currently, it comes in not-so-well written fragments throughout the website and forum. And instead of writing directions and instructions in paragraphs, instructions should be in a step-by-step checklist form. In addition, YouTube could be better utilized by actually showing video of the step-by-step instructions.

Overall, in terms of my customer experience, NLD has earned a 4-Star EXCELLENT rating!!
Bruce | 14.01.2019 7:27
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Finally! I Own My Drone
After months of griping about needing DJI's permission to fly a UAS that I own, and being denied flight in airspace where I had FAA permission to fly, I came across NLD.  I was ecstatic not to have to crawl to DJI for permission anymore.  With NLD I was able to remove the DJI-NFZ restrictions and no longer have to worry whether or not I will show up on a work site, with FAA permission, only to be denied by DJI.  Thank you NLD!
Joel | 15.01.2019 21:43
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Nld mod is the best.
The nld mod for DJI Spark is the best thing ever.
Гость | 17.01.2019 1:37
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«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»
what a fantastic app takes all the stress out of modding your bird easy to use and dose what it says on the tin id 100% recommend NLD to anyone dont do what i did and just keep looking at it take the leap you will not be sorry
Shaun | 18.01.2019 4:59
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Works great!
I put this on my Spark and Mavic Pro and had no problems and can finally fly my drones at my house which is a NFZ. This made both drones operate better than ever and for a great price!
Гость | 20.01.2019 20:00
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Useful for my drones
I like the NLD MOD Client coz It give's me opportunity to fix my drones and update the firmware
Гость | 21.01.2019 6:22
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Second review... after reading how to...
On my first review I was not so happy, after complaining after sales explain me what to do and advice me to read "how to"...
Now after 2 min reading, everything is fine, perfect, marvelous!!!
This is a fantastic tool, I downgraded my spark, fix it to FCC, change up and down speed, no fly zone... PERFECT !
Why DJI didn't sell us the drone like that?
Tks NLD team, good work!
I already recommended you to spark's friends, they will soon switch to NLD.
Гость | 22.01.2019 12:21
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Finally free !
As a new DJI Spark owner,  I was aware that living less than 2 miles from a large airport was going to be an issue.
  However I had done lots of research prior to buying and found NLD.
   My first attempts at using the program  were frustrating.  I couldn't get any of the mods to work,  and I hastily sent trouble tickets to NLD. Had I read some info on the home page first, I would have learned what the problem was....my firmware version on my Spark was known to have issues.
    Less than 24 hours later I received a response from NLD starting that I should downgrade my firmware, and try again. I did as suggested and everything went smoothly and worked great.
   I continued to receive emails from NLD throughout the process to ensure everything was working,  and the customer support they provided was great!
   I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of NLD services and I highly recommend that anyone with a DJI drone should also try it out.
JOSEPH | 24.01.2019 19:19
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mod per phantom
ottimo e facile
Гость | 27.01.2019 13:09
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Well done
You guys are aces! Understand, I have no intention of breaking any laws. That being said, my new Mavic Platinum is my 2nd "real" drone and like when I bought my first smartphone I was appalled that I spent all this money on something I didn't fully own.  Thanks NLD, for easing the removal of unwanted manufacturer controls.
Al | 29.01.2019 4:05
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
It works for sure
Well, like anything on the web, I had my doubts but I am happy to say this does work.

One comment is that the instructions need a complete rewrite as there are lots of holes or difficulties. Many would give up before getting this up and running. They appear to be written by someone who is completely familiar with the workings of the program and not seeing it from the perspective of someone who isn't. Some of the downloads are painfully slow and the app rewrite is also painful.

All that being said, when it was all done I was able to fly in my yard which is clearly in a no fly zone so any plane that would fly into my oak tree could have hit my Mavic. (5 KMS from an unused water landing zone)
Paul | 29.01.2019 12:27
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NLD stopped a recurring "crash" scenario
I live in the middle of Silicon Valley in California with 5 airports surrounding my house and the Baylands park we normally fly our airplanes, helicopters, and drones.   I am never less than 2 miles from a NFZ.  What happens is I take off and fly for less than 1 minute, then the screen in my goggles goes 75% black to tell me that I am in a NFZ.....even though I signed up for exception to the rule.

So I cannot see where I am flying.  Only by looking at the borders can I guess where I am located and how near to homes or trees I am positioned.  This is a "crash" waiting to happen.  Complained to DJI many times about this.  Their response:  move to somewhere different.

So when NLD showed up on the forums I decided to take the expensive risk (yeah, $39) to test out new software.  First 3 attempts did not work.  I needed more complete step by step instructions.  Put in a service ticket and got a response the next day.  This description was far more complicated than I expected, but it worked.

RESULT: no more NFZ messages.  Crash averted.
Much thanks.
ted | 29.01.2019 22:30
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It has cost me at the beginning but the result has been very good
Гость | 30.01.2019 10:33
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The six million dollar Spark
We can rebuild it, we have the technology.. I removed NFZ and altitude restrictions along with boosting up the speed on my spark on( 1/29/19 ) and couldn't be happier. The spark goes around 42mph and it drains battery faster so I might reset the speed, but still glad I got NLD
Гость | 01.02.2019 2:09
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Works but quite expensive
Гость | 08.02.2019 7:21
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Great tool for a beginner
Just got myself the drone and the tool became a very user friendly too to tweek the device. No regrets with the software. Simple and straightforward solution
Гость | 15.02.2019 0:58
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Got it to work
I wanted to say that thank you for having a site like this! i think it a not right for DJI to have that must control over something i buy to use to run a business.
the one thing i would do is make a new video showing how to make changes to your Drones. but if you read the Birdmap then it will show you what it can do for each one.

but thank again!!
Гость | 22.02.2019 10:35
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
WOW! I love the freedom!
I've always liked my DJI Spark, but now that I'm not limited to DJI's constraints, I LOVE my Spark. It flies faster, better reception, and no restrictions. Thanks NLD.
Troy | 24.02.2019 8:58
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Anđelko Lončar
I am extremely happy with NLD software! It is just AMAZING how simple and fast i made my p4p free of DJI chains! I made my bird EXACTLY the way i want it to be! It is also unbelievable how simple and easy it is to change parameters in sport mode and normal mode with just few moves od sliders!!!
I am simply speechless how much i got for such a little amount of money!!! Now,...when free of DJI control,..i can get into my bird and change whatever I like and the way I like,..i can make sport mode super fast or super slow if needed as well as normal mode,.. my p4p is now just as the name of software says,..NO LIMIT DRONE!! MILLION THANKS to NLD team who did it,..You will ALWAYS have my support!!!!!!!! :)))))))
Гость | 03.03.2019 11:51
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mavic pro platinium + mini ipad 4 Super
marche très bien
j'ai été obligé de mettre une carte sd a l’intérieur du platinium
pas de problème particulier j'attend avec impatience
le patch pour dj go 4 pour ipad
Гость | 04.03.2019 11:26
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Pretty easy to use
the program overall simplify the way of modding and makes it easy alot easier infact
i would recommend it

the support were helpful
time to try to reach the clouds =)
Saad | 05.03.2019 2:34
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
NLD Mod Client works great.
I bought NLD Mod Client as I had nothing but trouble trying to force my DJI Mavic Pro into FCC mode, and after nearly all other tutorials failed in doing this, because I upgraded my firmware, I saw an ad for NLD Mod Client, and thought, why not?  I purchased the activation key, plugged in my Drone, modified my DJI App on my Android Phone, and.... it worked.  Thanks so much to you developers for making this possible and so easy to use.  I’d recommend this program to anyone.
Гость | 05.03.2019 13:17
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
It works great! I love the free bird. Million Thanks.
Tibor | 06.03.2019 4:05
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Mavic Switzerland
Ottimo prodotto perfettamente funzionante e facile da usare, con un supporto tecnico rapido e competente che sa anche creare delle speciali funzionalità su misura che non fanno parte del pacchetto standard
Il mio Mavic Pro è diventato ora un vero gioiello perfettamente adattato alle mie esigenze.

Un immenso grazie al team NLD per il loro fantastico lavoro.
Luca | 06.03.2019 11:52
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Height limits
Best performance on height unlimited.
Гость | 07.03.2019 2:33
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Recommended for Newbies
Yes you can manually adjust your flight parameters, but thats a pain in the backside, with NLD its as easy as click and you are done, and going back to default is just as easy, as for the patched app with no login, FCC and FCC boost for free no more to say is there. Only bad thing i can find is that.... oh wait there isnt.
jud | 08.03.2019 13:43
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Are you happy with NLD MOD Client?
Very happy!!

Love my bird to free... And happy to explote of the tech potential of my Mavic.

Thanks NLD Team!!
Гость | 11.03.2019 6:47
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Are you happy with NLD MOD Client?
Very happy!!

Love my bird to free... And happy to explote of the tech potential of my Mavic.

Thanks NLD Team!!
Гость | 11.03.2019 6:48
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Nice yob thx
I using spark and works nice. Onli make for new firmware and if you can add asteroid and cam unlock hd60fps record.
Гость | 11.03.2019 9:56
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
My Spark is now 100%
As living in one of europes remote areas, i was not happy with the range of my Spark. With NLD i was able to open all the technical possibility's my Spark has but were blocked by DJI, just because i live in Europe. Now i have full range FCC, plus some bonusses like better response and adjustments. Just follow the instructions and for my part, i was done in just 30 minutes. Very good!
Willem | 11.03.2019 17:51
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
The best thing that could have ever happened to the Drone World. The undeniable way to own your Drone and not be afraid to have fun with it. Thanks to the NDL team for such a great discovery...
Гость | 13.03.2019 19:27
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
To few payment methods
p | 14.03.2019 0:49
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/1)
Satisfaction Guarranteed
After the latest FW update of DJI, I  find it very annoying because I used to be able to fly within our city. After the update, the whole city has been declared as a NFZ! Got the NLD MOD and now I am able to fly again!

2 thumbs up!
Gilbert | 14.03.2019 14:39
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Very good!
Takes a little time to get it installed, but well worth it!
Гость | 17.03.2019 5:29
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Much needed
This MOD is mandatory for any dji user. The no fly zones from dji is absolutely stupid and makes your drone useless. This was much needed.
Гость | 25.03.2019 21:55
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
bonjour le logiciel et bien ,simple et rapide d'utilisation
de mon coté je n'est pas réussi a downgrader
et la valeur max speed n'est pas garder en mémoire
le reste fonctionne bien
DJI mavic pro platinum dernier firmware 1.04.500
Гость | 01.04.2019 12:14
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
dji mavic pro nfz
all I can say is I am super happy this mod now I can fly anywhere but in a responsible way too, super excited to have my dji work to its full potential. thank you so much....
Гость | 02.04.2019 12:50
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Just like to say after getting in touch with nld by email I was quite impressed with a fast response to all my queries.  Well done all at NLD
Гость | 04.04.2019 3:51
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Grounded Drone
Newly purchased P4 was grounded after updates. Purchased this software which worked as advertised and got me flying again!!  Thanks to the team
Гость | 04.04.2019 10:27
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (1/0)
Freedom from No Fly Zones
Awesome product that made my Spark free from DJI’s No Fly Zones! Now I’m able to fly my drone at home and enjoy freedom!! It’s so simple and easy, wish I would have known about it a long time ago.
Гость | 07.04.2019 14:09
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
NFZ successfully removed
Very easy to do it. Excellent software.
Thank you for NLD Support Team.
Гость | 08.04.2019 1:46
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Bird is free, which is all that matters
Yes, bird is finally free!
NLD really is unleashing the tremendous power of a Spark! When I saw the acceleration of climbing up at Sport+ mode, I could not believe my eyes!

Now, two things that could improve:

1. Documentation: A 'now you do this, now you do that' could be of use. Also, do I gain something with latest firmware V01.00.0900, instead of the older V01.00.0300 which supports altitude removal?

2. I had a problem with FCC. It wouldn't work (see support ticket #700381). I had done everything, area code was as it should "E: init not ru ac=US" but no FCC. I am sure about that because first the drone was disconnecting as usual after ~200m, and second I could see 13 channels which is the indication of CE.

Then, yesterday, I decided to search into the matter, and I opened the application again at the wireless settings to take some screenshots of the 13 channels, to continue the support ticket I had already opened many days before. And all of a sudden, as I was just looking at it, the image changed, the 13 channels dissappeared and there were left only 11! I swear I did not do absolutely anything. 8 days running the patched NLD client and magicaly turned to FCC on the 9th! I went out, flew the bird, and indeed the range was fully extended.
Гость | 09.04.2019 22:28
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Pas facile à mettre en oeuvre au début, mais...
….ça fonctionne !    Magique !
Si comme moi vous ne pouvez démarrer votre drone sur votre propriété ou si vous avez des interférences dès 300 m, NLD est fait pour vous !
GERDES | 16.04.2019 4:50
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Gostaria que me ajudasse nao tenho nenhuma experiência  com essse programa nao eestou conseguindo me conectar  quais os link que devo baixar  pra ter o aplicativo
Гость | 16.04.2019 11:25
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Estou tentando conectar com mavic pro 2 isso e possivel e compativel ?
Гость | 16.04.2019 11:38
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
That's all that I can say...awsome!!! Was in nfz in my backyard,now I have my drone back!!!Great support too!!!
DAVID | 18.04.2019 9:08
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Perfetto su Mavic 2 Pro!
In pochi minuti ho fatto il downgrade e applicato la patch NFZ al mio Mavic 2 Pro! Tutto perfetto  e funziona benissimo con lo Smart controller. Confermo che le NFZ vengono bypassate, abito vicino ad un area rossa, galera, da poco attivata e non potevo più allenarmi in giardino: ora mi avverte solo che sto volando sotto la mia responsabilità. Fantastico! Non vedo l'ora arrivi anche lo sblocco FCC per avere il pacchetto completo ed essere libero di sfruttare al 100% la potenza del Mavic 2! Grazie Gangsters!
Sim | 18.04.2019 10:22
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Maverick 2 zoom
I have heard great things and scene videos on YouTube from people posting updates on the nolimitdronez software from what I see it's extremely easy to use just waiting until more updates come out then will fly, I just want to say thank you for having this available I know it takes time I used to be a developer on the XDA website I specialize in the Google Nexus 6 and the Google Nexus 5X
Chris | 21.04.2019 17:17
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Good work!
Well put on Mavik 2. NFZ took off, checked. Ease of installation. It remains to remove the height restriction and enable the FCC. Thank you very much!
Roman | 23.04.2019 1:32
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Mavic 2 Zoom
I can now fly at my local flying field thanks to NLD!
Mike | 23.04.2019 17:14
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Best of best
Super NLD
Гость | 24.04.2019 7:48
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
NLD MOD Client
Can't thank NoLimitDronez enough for the MOD Client for unlocking my Mavic 2 Pro. MOD Client is very user friendly and got the job done within a few minutes.
Гость | 24.04.2019 9:46
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Everything works :)
Just another happy customer, everything works like promised.
Гость | 25.04.2019 23:05
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Yeees !
Got rid of dji NFL on Mavic 2 - Perfect!
Гость | 26.04.2019 9:32
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Comment DJI Spark
This soft works perfectly for my Spark. Support is more than efficient.
Гость | 29.04.2019 10:54
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
I purchased to software and just like that all my frustration was gone. It’s extremely easy to install and use. Well done gents, from an extremely happy client
Гость | 01.05.2019 6:32
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
NFZ is OK. Other is not.
I hope in future NDL Mod will be able to unblock altitude limit and FCC.
Гость | 02.05.2019 1:27
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Works Great
Bought NLD for my new M2P with SmartController, the registration was easy, and firmware rollback to 0100 completed without any glitches. I then completed NFZ removal, restarted everything and confirmed 0100 firmware. Aircraft now will power up and fly inside my building where it could not fly previously due to NFZ restrictions.
Гость | 02.05.2019 12:28
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Ivo Marreiro
A muito tempo venho observando o NLD Cliente. E somente agora resolvi investir nas possibilidades de melhorar o meu Mavic Pro. Quanto ao NLD Cliente. Funcionou em primeira mão. Estão todos de parabéns pelo trabalho de desenvolvido! Um forte Abraço! Com relação a chave de acesso. Caso eu troque de drone é possível a portabilidade? Obrigado!
Ivo | 03.05.2019 9:27
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Mavic 2 NFZ patch - works great
Have been waiting for the M2P patch release for while and it was worth it - works perfectly.
Гость | 04.05.2019 9:18
Был ли этот отзыв полезен? Да Нет (0/0)
Works perfectly!
After having issues on my end,I was finally able to downgrade firmware and ditch the Nfz’s as well as adjust parameters! Well worth the price! Excellent job!
Doug | 04.05.2019 10:09
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The best1 no comment Work perfect
But we want FCC mode
Гость | 05.05.2019 14:33
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I can fly in NFZ areas
Bought NLD for my M2P , the registration was easy, and firmware rollback to 0100 completed without any problems. then completed to remove NFZ , where it could not fly previously due to NFZ restrictions,now I can fly in NFZ areas.If nld can support v01.00.0400 that it'll great help to M2 onwers.
Гость | 06.05.2019 0:00
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Mavic Pro
The removing NFZ patch works for me but the instructions are not easy to follow. You guys can give us a more easy step by step instructions. I steel need more help to change parameters. Removing the NFZ is great. Thanks to NLD Team
Michael | 06.05.2019 12:59
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Thank you
Thank you. You helped me solve problems because of you there is no difficult problem
OMAR | 06.05.2019 14:09
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Works good
Looking forward to the crack on newer firmwares.
Гость | 08.05.2019 17:35
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Bonne application dommage  ,pas traduit en français  l ors  du téléchargement .et pas encore installé sur mon appareil
Гость | 08.05.2019 19:52
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Exacly what I needed
My foremost problem always was the lack of FCC in my region of the world. With NLD my Mavic Pro and P4P can fly further and are much less obstructed. Flight controller tweaks also contribute to far better flying experience that what was provided by DJI. Thank you very much for all the effort and continue this great mission of yours.
Гость | 09.05.2019 7:23
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NLD MOD Client
So far so good, it does what it says.
Гость | 11.05.2019 5:54
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It works!!!
Jason | 12.05.2019 19:41
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Finally have control of my birds.
If you are like myself you like to have control over your device.  I don't like the fact after paying money for three dji drones, dji could at any time ground my aircraft.

It's not any of dji's concern when and where I fly, I bet they sell this information to anyone who pays for it.  

I started out by testing the NLD mod client out on my spark and then modded the app with the Client, went to firmware .300 so I could unlock the hight restrictions.

I was concerned about the process not working but after 30min I had my Spark at 3000+ feet looking at the clouds.   I set the drone so it can almost falls from the sky so I can get down in a hurry and save on battery power.

The next day it was time to help out my 2nd drone a Mavic Pro.  It's like a whole new drone now that I have unlocked it's full abilities.  It's now fun to fly again.

The tech support it great and responded in a hour to my email ticket I put in after I locked myself out of the website account.  Easy steps are 1 down load client, 2. hook up bird and then pay for the unlock key, 3. reflash to desired level for what you need, 4.  download the go4 app and have the client unlock it so it no longer snitches on you to dji and install it on your device used for your hand controller.

You are now ready for some new and exciting fun.
Гость | 13.05.2019 18:33
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NFZ is working M2P (Greece)
Downgraded my M2P in 100 fw an applied the NFZ patch. The procedure took me about 30m and is working great!
Гость | 16.05.2019 3:25
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FCC and Sport+ on my Mavic 2 Pro !
Working perfectly fine for my MP2. Thanks !

I had to donwgrade first with DJI assistant then NLD Client. Strangely it seems that launching NLD Client make some problems wich launching DJI assistant after. So I had to reinstall DJI Assistant to dowgrade all my batteries to the same firmware as my drone. I was not able to dowgrade my remote controller (NLD Client is stuck looking for the firmware v01.00.03.00 of the controller and Assistant downgrade is not working for the controller). So my drone and batteries are in v01.00.01.00 and my controller is in v01.00.03.00 and everything still flying well.

I don't know if you can do something at NLD with the following issue, it would be great !
When going fast the gimbal is often tilting down quickly in mode Sport or even in Sport+. It would be very convenient that the gimbal stays as much horizontal as possible with high inclination of the drone and come back perfectly horizontal while decelerating. Maybe this is appears as an option in the parameters ?

I am also looking forward to altitude limitation removal and newer firmware.
Гость | 16.05.2019 6:41
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Good app
I can't downgrade Mavic Pro RC to any version. NLD app can't detect the remote controller.
Гость | 16.05.2019 6:53
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All is fine! New degree of freedom.
Everything works like it shoud! Thanks to all the NLD Team!
ALEKSEY | 17.05.2019 1:07
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Very happy
I purchased this software to get rid of the No Fly Zones, and it has done just that. As a commercial operator I wanted to film on the very edge of a no fly boundary no higher than 20m and DJI would not let me. Saved me a lot of paper work and money through not having to submit an area approval form that possibly would have taken over a month to get. I will having a look at the other mods. that can be done through this software later. Thanks again NLD.
Гость | 17.05.2019 22:08
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Review as P4P user
Documentation for P4P properties is partly confusing (example height limit removal) but reading forum helps to get started.  User interface is mainly easy to use and works firm and fast. Waiting more features for P4P. Rating: almost excellent.
Гость | 18.05.2019 13:09
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